Latest Release of LIVE+ NewsBook Software From Dejero Enables BGAN-HDR and Bonding for Live Video Streaming

WATERLOO, Ontario — Nov. 24, 2015 — Dejero today released an update of its LIVE+ NewsBook software for Mac notebooks, enabling users to bond portable Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminals to produce a live stream greater than 1 Mbps of video. This newest Inmarsat L-band service provides additional Internet connectivity and enables live video streaming from anywhere in the world covered by BGAN’s satellite network, including extremely remote locations where no other network connections are available.

Dejero‘s LIVE+ NewsBook transforms a Mac notebook into a highly versatile “go-anywhere” video uplink solution. With the BGAN-HDR bonding feature, users can now send live video feeds, as well as recorded and edited files, back to the broadcast facility by connecting multiple Explorer-710 terminals to the notebook via Ethernet. The LIVE+ NewsBook software automatically optimizes transmission settings when a High-Data-Rate (HDR) streaming connection is selected. In addition to BGAN, the LIVE+ NewsBook software bonds multiple cellular, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet connections to create an aggregated data path for the transmission of reliable high-quality, low-latency video.

Network Innovations, a leading provider of integrated satellite communications solutions, has worked with Dejero to offer LIVE+ NewsBook software for the new bonded HDR service offered via Explorer-710 BGAN HDR terminals. While Dejero leverages the bonded HDR service to provide a higher-quality picture, broadcasters are able to reduce satellite costs by using the more affordable asymmetrical HDR streaming service.

Dejero is one of the leading providers of bonded cellular encoding technology, and many of our media customers — including some of the world’s largest broadcasters — use Dejero mobile IP video transport solutions for satellite newsgathering. Several requested a bonded HDR solution that works with their existing Dejero systems, including LIVE+ NewsBook,” said John Stoltz, vice president of media sector for Network Innovations. “The result is our bonded HDR service, which enables customers to cost-effectively double the bandwidth for improved picture quality while streaming live video. These Inmarsat capabilities are ideal not only in remote areas with little or no network resources, but also in congested live news situations in which cellular networks are overloaded.”

“We designed our LIVE+ NewsBook software for field reporters, foreign correspondents, and other production professionals who need to send live or recorded video content remotely while traveling with as little gear as possible,” said Brian Cram, CEO, Dejero. “This update makes the software more versatile than ever, with the ability to use multiple BGAN connections to improve video quality in areas lacking other network resources. Now it is easier than ever to cover breaking news and live events with broadcast-quality content from remote locations.”

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