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SYFY25 Origin Stories: Neil Gaiman

Laundry Partners with SYFY, 72andSunny and HECHO en 72 on Animated Shorts for “SYFY25: Origin Stories”


SYFY25 Origin Stories: Neil Gaiman

Design and animation studio Laundry recently created a series of original animated shorts celebrating the “SYFY25: Origin Stories,” a fan-centric podcast with host Adam Savage (“Mythbusters”). Conceived by SYFY, agency 72andSunny and its full-service production studio HECHO en 72, the films capture key moments from episodes in the 15-part series, which features in-depth discussions with iconic creators in the science-fiction field. The list of guests includes genre luminaries, such as Sana Amanat, Frank Oz, Rick Baker, Ron Moore and Neil Gaiman. All 15 podcasts were released on September 8th as a collection, and the films by Laundry rolled out during the month of September on – Sana Amanat – Rick Baker – Jonathan Frakes – Neil Gaiman – Kevin Kelly – Ron Moore – Frank Oz – D.C. Fontana

Laundry partnered with SYFY and the HECHO en 72 creative team to conceptualize and storyboard the animations unique to each guest’s story behind how they became lifelong science-fiction fans. In the process, Laundry and its partners emphasized balancing the animations with literal and abstract interpretations of the interview recordings.

To create all eight films, Laundry enlisted the help of several creative partners who energized respective podcast stories with their personal aesthetic visions, stylistically and tonally. These included Moving Colour, Nerdo, Rudo Company, Váscolo, artist Victor Moatti, and comic book artist Nathan Anderson.


Client: SYFY


Ad Agency: 72andSunny

Production Company: HECHO en 72

Creative Director: Evan DeHaven

Senior Producer: Jonny Edwards

Showrunner: Jennifer Heftler

Designer: Abbas Deidehban

Writer: Alex Schaeffer

Senior Brand Manager: Brett Schneider


Design, Animation & Creative Agency: Laundry

Executive Creative Directors/Directors: PJ Richardson & Anthony Liu

Managing Director: James Sweigert

Executive Producer: Garrett Braren

Producer: Mickey Briggs

Additional Production: Laura Yurich

Coordinator: Caroline Mortimer

Designers: PJ Richardson, Yoojin Seol, Yongmin Park, Xirui Liu, Myung Yu, Steve Lee

Animators: Yongmin Park, Nicole Gutzmann, Ramzi Hogan, Aly Tain, Micah Fitzgerald, Laura Reedy


Sana Amanat

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design and Animation: Moving Colour

Animation Director: Brian Covalt

Producer: Jacqueline Sheng

Designers: Allison Perry, Sara Kipin

Animators: Matthew Wade, Joshua Kalinowski, Vesela Stamenova, Kathryn Rose

Storyboard Artist: Zachary Shore

Compositor: George Moïse

Interns: Anna Li, Melanie Duke


Rick Baker

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design and Animation: Rudo & Company

Animation Director: Ezequiel Torres

Executive Producer: Beast AKA Esteban Cuenca

Project Coordinator: Mailén Gayoso

Art Directors: Ezequiel Torres, María Eugenia Beizo

Designers: Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Rafael Roldán, María Eugenia Beizo

Animators: Ezequiel Torres, Leandro Vargas, Patricio Rey, Diego Poleri, Martín Gil, Lucia Castez, Maricel Piazza, Claudio Iriarte, Micaela Gabot


D.C. Fontana

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design: Victor Moatti

Additional Design: Yoojin Seol, Xirui Liu

Animation: Yongmin Park, Aly Tain, Laura Reedy


Jonathan Frakes

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design and Animation: Nerdo

Art Direction: Alessandro Durando

Design: Milena Tipaldo, Alessandro Durando, Daniele Gavatorta

Animation: Milena Tipaldo, Alessandro Durando, Daniele Gavatorta, Nicolas Piccirilli, Federico Piccirillo, Riccardo Chiara

Producer: Diego Pizziconi


Neil Gaiman

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design and Animation: Váscolo

Executive Creative Director : Martin Schurmann

Account Manager: Pablo Requejo

Animation Director: Ernesto Reyna

Art Director: Florencia Tasso

Technical Director: Lionel Wainsztok

Rigger / Skinner: Pablo Emmanuel De Leo

Designer / Animator: Fernando La Mattina

Designer / AE Compositor: Rafael Fornaris

3D Animation: Julian Glumi, Ulises Depaoli, Sebastian Pavone Cao, Martiniano Garcia


Kevin Kelly

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design: PJ Richardson, Myung Yu, Steve Lee

Animation: Myung Yu, Micah Fitzgerald


Ron Moore

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design: Yoojin Seol

Animation: Yongmin Park, Xirui Liu


Frank Oz

Creative Direction: Laundry

Design: Nathan Richardson

Animation: Ramzi Hogan, Micah Fitzgerald, Nicole Gutzmann