Learn About Aberdeen’s Captioning and Language Services at 2020 NAB Show


The broadcast community has a great deal of variety, ranging from areas such as captioning and language services, which only encapsulate a greater sense of diversity. A captioning giant like Aberdeen Broadcast Services successfully fills that need by providing both captioning and language services along with the additional custom video transcoding and digital file distribution services.



This year at the 2020 NAB ShowAberdeen Broadcast Services will be an exhibitor. Attending this global event will grant the media, entertainment, and technology professionals a greater perspective as to how diverse and richly complex the broadcast community can be because of a captioning leader like Aberdeen Broadcast Services‘ proficiency in bypassing geographical borders and adding even more variety and life to the entertainment industry.


Aberdeen’s Humble Origins


President Of Aberdeen Broadcast Services, Mathew Cook

In the beginning, it was a simple campfire between siblings, Matthew, Amy, and Becky Cook (all siblings), who had realized the far-reaching benefits of captioning, which will be fully illustrated at the company’s exhibit this April at the 2020 NAB Show. Aberdeen Broadcast Services‘ core focus is to serve the broadcast community, which they have done since 2001. Aberdeen’s foundation is built upon the principles of a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty, Christian faith, and a friendly way of doing business the Cook siblings developed.


Aberdeen Team And Core Departments

Because the scope of technology is constantly changing and improving, a talented and dedicated team is needed to keep up with the pace. Aberdeen’s team is comprised of highly talented engineers who specialize in every aspect of the broadcast and video industry, making their customer’s lives much easier. Nothing that is on the market today can’t be made available the next day, and it’s all thanks to Aberdeen and their ability to make captioning accessible for everyone at a fast pace.

The success of this approach has only expanded the company. What was once Aberdeen Captioning Inc., is now Aberdeen Broadcast Services, which is comprised of three core departments.

  • AberCap(Closed captioning offers live (real-time) and post (offline) captioning services to ensure that content is made widely accessible and delivers the full experience for all audiences)
  • AberFast (Provides broadcasts delivery to any TV Station or web-based platform. Company’s station-specific workflows, paired with their own round of video & audio QC/correction, produce custom transcoded files that are sure to pass all worldwide broadcast standards)
  • AberLingo (Aberdeen translation, subtitling & dubbing services that effectgively break through geographical and language barriers. There are no borders when it comes to connecting and sharing ideas. Aberdeen goes beyond their current reach, starting in their community and then branching out to every nation)


The Impact Of Aberdeen Broadcast Services



As the 2020 NAB Show approaches, it’s essential to understand the significance of this global event. Much like the variety incorporated into the various types of entertainment we all consume be it radio or television, the same can be said for the 2020 NAB Show itself. A great deal of diversity is incorporated into the 90k guests and 1,600+exhibitors attending this event at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which has nearly 150,000 hotel rooms and more than 11.5 million square feet of meeting and exhibit space citywide.

2020 NAB Show guests include media, entertainment, and industry pros/creatives from all over the globe, which illustrates an ethnic diversity similar to that of Aberdeen Broadcast Services. The company fully understands the importance of technology and how it is changing and improving to the extent that it has motivated them to provide their customer base with the finest and most accessible captioning service. Aberdeen Broadcast Services places no restraints when it comes to geography, be it multi-language translation, subtitling, and dubbing. Variety is their spice, and it will also be the spice of every guest attending the 2020 NAB Show. Register now and visit Aberdeen Broadcast Services‘ exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SL13913.

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