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The content of a creative broadcaster is essential if they plan to market their work as a brand. The delivery of the content is an entirely different manner when factoring in the diverse methods in which a brand can be distributed and what the ultimate benefit it can bring the broadcasters in the long run. An American electronics manufacturer like GatesAir is committed to helping broadcasters make the right connections to efficiently reach their audiences. It does this by helping them deliver and monetize their content, and the 2020 NAB show (a gathering of content professionals), is the perfect place for broadcast industry professionals to learn how to better manage and profitably distribute their content.


About GatesAir



Since 1922, GatesAir has been an innovator in over-the-air broadcasting, offering the industry’s broadest portfolio to help broadcasters to effectively deliver and monetize content. The company’s focus centers on the over-the-air market, which helps broadcasters optimize services while preparing for future revenue-generating business opportunities. This includes the industry’s energy-efficient TV and Radio transmitters that support all standards with a low total cost of ownership.

GatesAir creates market-leading solutions for over-the-air broadcasting and public safety communications. The company does this by leveraging the best use of the wireless spectrum, which maximizes performance for multichannel and mission-critical services.

When focusing on in over-the-air analog and digital broadcasting, GatesAir empowers radio/TV stations and networks worldwide with the industry’s most operationally efficient transmitters. With each product generation, GatesAir never stops in its innovation of new design efficiencies that help to reduce the size, energy use, and more to establish the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.


GatesAir Solutions

As the premier solutions-oriented technology partner to the media industry, GatesAir has continually produced the best-in-class solutions that the world’s leading media companies rely on every day to create, optimize, play, and deliver compelling content.

For example, the company’s Intraplex solutions allow for broadcasters to move content over IP networks with a visibility into streaming and network performance. The company’s robust and reliable solutions are innovated to fit traditional RF STL connections that can also accommodate IP traffic. In larger transmitter networks, simulcasting technology ensures all GatesAir transmitters are time-locked for synchronous, over-the-air content delivery.

Several of the solutions From focus on:

  • TV Broadcasters (Multichannel over-the-air television through bandwidth-efficient solutions that help broadcasters transmit high-quality, relevant content to viewers in and out of home)
  • Radio Broadcasters (All digital radio standards, which include HD, DAB and DRM/DRM are supported)
  • Network Operators (End-to-end television and radio solutions that offer industry-best power savings and enhanced bandwidth efficiencies)
  • Digital Terrestrial TV (Cutting-edge media convergence platforms that help simplify multi-distribution, digital workflows at the video headend)
  • End-To-End Radio (Studio systems that bring together dynamic designs with innovative consoles and networking systems, hence simplifying infrastructure and enhancing the collaboration process across production and on-air operations)
  • ATSC 3.0 (A wireless data-agnostic IP delivery system created by the use of new technologies and advanced error correction for the physical layer featuring OFDM modulation)

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GatesAir Products



GatesAir’s fantastic product line focuses on the core areas  of


What GatesAir Can Bring To 2020 NAB Show



The central matter for any creative broadcaster to take into account when creating their content is undoubtedly the quality. However, no matter how well-crafted content can be in the potential long-run will pose little relevance if not delivered or monetized in the correct and low-cost manner.

GatesAir’s forward-thinking lives by the slogan of “Connecting What’s Next.” This visionary type of philosophy extends to innovations in media transport, where broadcasters can effectively utilize GateAir’s solutions to move voice, data, audio, and video between locations by using traditional and emerging connections ranging from RF to IP. This innovative manner of thinking has given the company a foundation of groundbreaking over-the-air radio and television transmission that has lasted for nearly 100 years and will continue to do so as the 2020 NAB Show approaches, and broadcasters/content professionals from all over digital ecosystem come together and learn how to better distribute and profit from the exemplary content they worked hard to create. The 2020 NAB Show will take place April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Visit GatesAir during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # N3403.

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