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Presence Summit
Presence Summit

Learn How to be a Better Online Communicator at the Presence Summit


COVID-19 has made video conferencing a necessity. Thanks to social distancing, Zoom, Skype, and other video chat programs are now essential for work and team communication. The problem is, most people haven’t had to use video conferencing tools so frequently to communicate with team members and coworkers. The struggle to effectively communicate online makes it difficult to connect with people and feel like your message is being received.

The Presence Summit can help with that by teaching you how to be a better online communicator. Below are a few reasons why you should attend the Presence Summit as well as an overview of what you can expect to learn from this educational event.

Presence Summit

Presence Summit

Why you should attend

The Presence Summit has a lot of benefits to offer. Not only will you improve your online communication, but this conference is an excellent opportunity for professional development, personal growth, and interactive collaboration.

Professional development

Communication skills are always necessary and the Presence Summit focuses on enhancing your ability to communicate online. The ability to effectively convey information online will help you be more efficient and effective at your job. As a competent communicator, you can become a greater asset to your team and use your skills to advance within your company.

Personal growth

Joseph Pine and Fatima Doman are two of the speakers you can expect to hear from during the Presence Summit. Pine is the author of The Experience Economy and will be helping you understand how to transform customer experiences through professional online communication. Pine understands the rapid changes people are facing right now and wants to give you the tools necessary to excel and grow in these uncertain times.

Doman is known for empowering people to achieve high-performance in work and in life. She is the author of Authentic Resilience and Authentic Strength. Doman will be focusing on your communication strengths and will work on empowerment for harnessing your abilities.

Interactive collaboration

Throughout the event there will be questions and polls for you to participate in. Professional development passes also include interactive exercise opportunities to join Zoom break out sessions. You can join small collaboration groups to discuss online communication more intimately and learn more about your personal communication style.

Live music performance

The Presence Summit likes to keep things lively and will be hosting a halftime show and musical performance. You can expect to see G. Love perform live during the event, and you’ll also get a fun virtual tour of downtown New York City.


Overall, the Presence Summit is filled with powerful presentations designed to improve your online communication skills and strengthen your confidence. You’ll come away from the event with key takeaways that you can implement in your regular work life.

What you’ll learn

The Presence Summit will teach you a lot about communication, but below are a few examples of what you can expect to learn from this event.

Video conference best practices

Learn how to get the most out of an important video meeting and how to be an active participant. It can be difficult to speak up during a video conference call because you’re nervous about talking over another person or you struggle with the technology. Understanding video conference best practices will give you more confidence to speak up and share your ideas the next time you have to join a video call.

Communication style

Do you know what type of communicator you are? Maybe it’s time you learned. A strong understanding of your communication style will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses when speaking to other people. The Presence Summit will let you know what type of communicator you are and will also help you understand how to use your communication style to your advantage.

Video Communications

Video Communications

How to create powerful presentations

Technology can help you deliver powerful presentations if you learn how to use it correctly. Learn how to create captivating presentations for Zoom and video to engage your audience and effectively convey your message. Knowing how to create a great presentation that clearly states your message while keeping people entertained is a skill that is sure to benefit your organization.

It’s time to stop being afraid of online communication and instead embrace it. Attend the 2020 Presence Summit to become a better online communicator and further your professional goals. The live-stream version of the event is free, and the Professional Development Pass is $50 ($25 if you get the early-bird deal).


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