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When it comes to AI, there are many unique possibilities. Innovation and greater technical capabilities are the result of what AI can accomplish, and when it comes to a company such as IDenTV, then the 2020 NAB Show attendees are in for a treat. This April, IDenTV will be an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show where over more than 90,000 broadcast industry professionals will attend. This vast and diverse array of creative individuals will all range in fields specializing in technology, media, and content creation. The genius of AI comes from the fact that it can help to serve all these functions, which is all thanks to the fantastic services produced by IDenTV.


About IDenTV




Since the company was founded by Mohammad Shihadah (also the founder of Ignite Media Solutions) IDenTV has been a pioneer in Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), real-time video detection, video metadata extraction, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. The company converts unstructured video into searchable and actionable metadata that translates into a better understanding and interaction of video assets providing leading AI capabilities. This essentially helps create new value in media via advanced computer vision content search and recognition.

IDenTV’s AI-powered services have successfully produced next-generation actionable insights, real-time video search, & content management tools that allow a user the ability to effectively monetize their content. IDenTV’s AI solutions provide a better understanding and enabling in the repurposing & utilization of contextual metadata within the video supply chain for users to increase their ROI. This heavily contrasts with the more traditional industry product offerings, which require a more massive quantity of human intervention, which often leads to inefficient, costly & error-prone insights.

IDenTV understands that solutions that lack the scale, cannot perform in real-time environments, which lead to a combination of poor curation, analysis, actionability, interactability, search & enrichment. This only further leads to less engaged video consumption, ROI & monetization, unlike the advanced video search that IDenTV uses to help customers to dynamically recall video to better connect with their customers.

IDenTV’s AI suite also creates agility in the marketplace, and this enables their clients to outmaneuver their competitors & better engage customers with improved targeting, better, faster video distribution. This is all the result of the company’s AI-powered automation & search.

The additional features of IDenTV’s AI suite include:

  • Machine Learning ML
  • Computer Vision
  • Object
  • Facial Demographic
  • Emotion
  • Brands Logo
  • Scene
  • Activity
  • Nudity & Illicit Content Image Recognition
  • CCTV & Drone, OCR, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Closed Captioning
  • Machine Translation
  • NLP
  • NLU
  • Alerts
  • Contextual targeting

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IDenTV Media Solutions



IDenTV”s media solutions are revolutionary insights specifically made for media broadcasters. They help enhance strategies that focus on improving ROI, ad spending, and deeper levels of viewership. Using AI, IDenTV empowers the media and entertainment industry into becoming more data-driven than ever before, and several of these solutions include:

  • Direct from Camera (Classifiers and the immediate creation of metadata, making video handling easier whilst reducing costs and increasing value in the process of bringing it to the market)
  • Live, Batch, Pre-Processed Video (Content that is processed live, batch or pre-processed for contextual metadata exploitation, which improves audience engagement, dynamic ad insertion, media sales intelligence, and recommendation engines)
  • Big Video Data (Ability to process large video data segments at a scale that includes archives that provide extensive searchability, actionability and the easy repurposing of a cost center into a revenue generator by using AI and machine intelligence)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (Recognition, translation, closed captioning and speech to text along with automated Illicit content moderation)

Along with these solutions, IDenTV enables all constituents within the media ecosystem to leverage the power of advanced multimedia analytics.

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About The 2020 NAB Show



If IDenTV is the pinnacle of the AI automation process, then that’s all the more reason to attend the 2020 NAB Show. The 2020 NAB Show is more than just a gathering of creatives from all over the globe. It’s a learning experience meant to boost and further provide attending creatives with the insight needed not only to enhance the content they produce but how to better manage it. In the digital ecosystem we now live in, data is an important factor, and having a more suitable means of managing its complexity is something IDenTV does with flying colors. The 2020 NAB Show will take place, April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention center.

Make sure to visit the IDenTV exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU11225.

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