Learn More Efficient And Less Expensive Production Methods From Nevion’s 2020 NAB Show Exhibit


The broadcast industry has grown and it continues to do so through many technological enhancements towards the entertainment elements that make it essential, especially in the field of production. However, the efficiency produced from products alone can only go so far when transformative solutions can take the industry a step further. A transformative solution like a virtual production shows how the media landscape has evolved and because much of the entertainment/broadcast industry is becoming more digitized, then so are the modifications implemented on it.

A company like Nevion (formerly Network Electronics) aims to provide its customers with all the IP media transport, processing, monitoring, and management needs they’ll require to get the most efficient form of virtualized media production ever. A global media event like the 2020 NAB show works well to celebrate this type of digital innovation, and it should come as no surprise given the diverse array of creatives attending the event this April. That’s right, over 90,000 creatives from all walks of digital creativity ranging from media, technology, and content creation will be attending the 2020 NAB Show. There Nevion will be showcasing the very solutions that have made it stand out as a pioneer/architect in virtual media production.


Nevion‘s History



Anyone at the 2020 NAB Show with a desire to improve their approach to production will want to know about how for the past two decades, Nevion has been providing real-time media transport and processing solutions to broadcasters, telecom service providers, governmental agencies, and other industries.

Back in 1996, Nevion was called Network Electronics where they only specialized in compact routers. Since then, the company has sufficiently grown and merged with numerous companies along with seminal technology pioneers VPG and T-VIPS. As Nevion has undergone its evolution, it has shaped and architected the field of media transport by challenging the conventional standards with new and more efficient methods, which could be summed up with products such as:

  • Flashlink
  • VikinX
  • Ventura


Nevion Solutions And Products



Because any company operating within the broadcast industry relies on real-time high-quality video, audio and data feed, then the need for increasingly more content comes to mind. Nevion addresses this need with a less is more approach where they build solutions based on IP and Virtualization. They do this by using their VideoIPath Virtualization Orchestrator


What Is VideoIPath



The VideoIPath is a Virtualization Orchestrator that allows for the automatic scheduling and allocation of available media processing and transport resources. A Virtualization Orchestrator like VideoIPath puts users in control of their network. It does this by allocating equipment and network capacity, which essentially results in greater cost savings. The Virtualization Orchestrator is also a cornerstone of the virtualization process, which is important because the process itself requires a software-defined media network where broadcast infrastructure resources can be managed at a more simple and dynamic level.

Nevion’s VideoIPath matters, not simply for the software applications it brings, but also because of the savings it delivers as a result of reduced hardware replacements, lower space usage, as well as having a lowered cost of training, maintenance, and management. These software applications have done well to modify media nodes and hardware platforms.


The Result of Virtualization

Thanks to Nevion and the process of virtualization it delivers through VideoIPath, a customer will have:

  • Standardized baseband, SDN, IP and IT technology (Enabling the use of multi-vendor equipment and technologies)
  • Virtualization Orchestrator (More freedom to orchestrate the best-suited workflow and technology for media production)
  • Virtualized Media Functions (More functional capabilities that do not require the replacement of hardware)
  • Virtualized Infrastructure (Available resources regardless of location and time)

All this will provide the end result of an instrumentally dynamic/agile Virtualized Media Production for a company within the broadcast industry.


Nevion Exhibit At 2020 NAB Show



Any well-crafted production within the broadcast industry speaks on the technological sophistication used to make it unique and aesthetically relevant when it comes to the intentions of the company that created it. Virtualized production simplifies this with Nevion‘s expertise in media transportation.

Less is more, and there will be more for Nevion to showcase at the 2020 NAB Show where many curious media and tech professionals will gain a grander understanding as to how they can better handle their production needs in more efficient and less costly ways. The fun starts at the Las Vegas Convention center on April 18-22. Register now and visit Nevion’s exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU3110.

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