LED instruments now as affordable as Tungsten instruments at 2015 #NABShow

At the NAB 2015 the Hexolux team introduces TesaLite, a new line of AC-Dimming LED lights as affordable as Tungsten lights. The new TesaLite line starts with the X4, a small 575W panel light with attachments. Next is the X1, a 150W very small yet very bright point source, also with many attachments to modify the light.

They also introduced NLYTN, a new line of LED Lamps that directly replace Halogen Lamps. Put this LED Lamp in your old Fresnel and it is a brighter Daylight source that dims the same as before. The 1K lamp replacement is $750.

The X4 is as bright as a 575W HMI Par, yet without the heat and without the ballast. The X4 can be a big soft light, a Focusing Fresnel, or a compact spot light; transforming with instant magnetic light modifiers. The list price of the X4 is $1695

The X1 a very small yet very bright point source with quick attachments to go from soft to hard light, umbrellas, or a 11″ Fresnel lens. The list price of the X1 is $895.

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