Leveraging Analog Gear in an HD World

Here at Ensemble Designs we try to think about all your needs. You may be an HD plant and you are thinking, “Okay, I just need a bunch of HD gear, and maybe some standard def gear.” But there is still a chance that you might need an analog solution.

At Ensemble Designs, we provide solutions in our cards, and it is not just analog solutions. It combines a variety of other needs as well. They are feature proof and they are flexible. You may need analog to digital conversion or analog straight up to HD including audio embedding into the HDSDI stream. We can do that all with one card. We could also do the reverse, HD down to standard def. But you also might need to go all the way down to analog video and disembedded analog audio. We can take care of that in one card. The same Ensemble Designs technology that could be your HD-DA can also down convert to standard def and also convert it all the way down to analog if you happen to have that need. And it’s the same with the reverse.

Let’s say you are working in a mobile truck and you pull up to a site. You don’t know how old those cameras are. You might need some A/HD conversion. We can take care of that for you – with full features like analog to digital conversion, audio embedding, and of course, frame syncing. These are high-end products that provide all the solutions you need including timing handles necessary in a professional environment. So if you pull up to an unknown site and you get an analog camera, we will take­­­ care of that for you – no problem.

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