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Salt Lake City, Utah – February 9, 2016 – LifeFlix is the simplest way to watch, protect, and share your video tape memories. This Mac App was created to import all your DV, HDV, and Digital Hi8 tapes. LifeFlix Version 1.5 is NOW AVAILABLE on our site or the Mac App store for only $29.99, or you can try it for free.

The release of the DV camera in 1995 was a revolution in video capture – there were over 150 million DV video cameras sold. The camera was small and affordable, the images were amazing, and everything was captured in digital format. It kicked off an Indie-filmmaking movement that still hums along today. That is the good news; the bad news is there are now more than 1.5 billion tapes sitting in shoe boxes and drawers around the world.

LifeFlix was founded to help rescue these memories.

We created an app that you’ll actually use because it’s so easy. Just plug your camera into your computer, and LifeFlix eagerly grabs all the videos and organizes them into a simple catalog. You can immediately watch and share, or you can protect them on a external hard drive or cloud service.

“One weekend I had just spent a number of hours trying to import my DV tapes using iMovie and Final Cut Pro, and I just snapped,” says founder Drew Little. “It was an okay process for one tape, but it was frustrating trying to import a bunch of tapes and share specific video moments. That is when I decided to start the company and create a better solution that was solely focused on import or capture. Because the video memories are all ten years old or more, seeing them for the first time was incredible.”

Visit to purchase your program today! And remember, you can try it for free first! After the quick download of your program, just go to your closet, grab your shoebox full of tapes, blow off the dust, and get ready to watch your memories come to life.

CAUTION: Memories may cause joyful tears. Have tissues on hand!

Help us help you rescue those memories… trust us, it’s awesome.

About LifeFlix
LifeFlix was founded by video industry veterans who have worked together for almost 20 years. We started in the 90’s when the digital video age spawned, cultivated, and launched. We founded and worked at several major professional video companies including Red Giant, Canopus (Grass Valley), and Pinnacle Systems. The genesis of LifeFlix came from a shared frustration of trying to import our DV tapes using video editors. We all agreed the experience was okay for one tape, but not for 20. We just wanted to watch, protect, and share our memories. We invested our own money, hired engineers and designers, and got to work launching the first version of LifeFlix in early 2013. Now, thousands of customers later, we think we nailed the solution with the right mix of simplicity on the front end and professional-level media-handling on the back end.

Brooke Pierce
[email protected]
Salt Lake City, UT

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