Lightbridge, Creator of Cine Reflect Lighting System, Honored with 2023 GTC Innovation Award

Lightbridge, makers of the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS), announces that its innovative lighting solution has been awarded a 2023 GTC Innovation Award by the Guild of Television Camera Professionals, headquartered in the UK. The annual GTC Innovation Award is an accolade reserved for equipment that has made a truly exceptional contribution to the art and craft of television camera professionals.

The Cine Reflect Lighting System has revolutionized lighting techniques in the production world. Its industry-first approach to painting with light and shadow, has been a game-changer for professionals seeking natural and creative lighting. By reducing footprint on and off set, Lightbridge CRLS gives more time to light and a new creative freedom by using Precision Reflectors. With CRLS, the art of illumination takes a significant leap forward.

Lightbridge’s Cine Reflect Lighting System is the result of 2 decades of on set use by renowned cinematographer Christian Berger and gaffer Jakob Ballinger, to achieve the most natural looking key light and minimum falloff. Meticulously manufactured, proprietary, and spill light free, Precision-Reflectors control diffused light without flags or frames. Whether placed on a crane, car rig, or in a tight space, CRLS can make the entire lighting process simpler and more versatile with lower weight, allowing safe light placement in locations which might otherwise be dangerous or impossible to achieve. The proof has been its successful use on feature films and television productions.

To demonstrate this technology, Christian Berger and Jakob Ballinger conducted “An Introduction to Lightbridge CRLS” session, to share their expertise and insights. The session and award presentation took place in Birmingham on November 2, at the Ellen Terry Building, located at Coventry University in Coventry City Centre, UK.

In addition, on 22 November two GTC Lightbridge workshops will be presented by Jason Clare and Jono Smith of Reflectric at Sony Pinewood Studios. Booking information will be published by GTC.

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About Lightbridge:

Conceived by visionary Austrian cinematographer Christian Berger, the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) is a style of painting with light and shadow that pairs proprietary high efficiency Precision Reflectors with industry standard light sources to make diffused light easier to control and modulate. With a choice of five surfaces: Diff 0 Mirror, Diff 1 Punch Black, Diff 2 blue Sky, Diff 3 Ambient Violet, and Diff 4 Super White, Precision Reflectors act as the key light delivering spill-free diffused output. The result is a natural look in light and shadow. Lightbridge was established in Austria by gaffer Jakob Ballinger to bridge the art and technology of light.

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