Lightbridge Adds New Diff 0 to Cine Reflector Kits CRLS

Lightbridge, makers of the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) adds a plus to the lineup—new Diff 0— now part of the C-Drive+ and C-Move+ Kits.

Lightbridge’s meticulously-designed reflectors utilize a precision aluminum-coated, smoothly polished, wrinkle-free surface that reflects up to 97% of the light hitting them, with 100% color rendering. Now there are five Cine Reflectors in every size that can be chosen at will, each offering various levels of reflectivity, ranging from the minimum, Diff 0 to the maximum diffusion Diff 4.

Designed to provide optimum control, Cine Reflectors act as key lights, capable of aiming diffused light with precision accuracy. Lightbridge founder Jakob Ballinger, adds: “CRLS Cine Reflectors are spill light free, offering more control while reducing the amount of flags, frames and stands on set. The result is a smaller footprint – leaving more space and more time for creativity.” 

The Diff 0 offers all the handling and surface benefits of the other Cine Reflectors, but is formulated and engineered to a mirror surface. A “real mirror” replacement, Diff 0 offers the benefits of being lighter weight and shatter-free in addition to outputting greater reflectivity because there is no light loss due to through-the-glass transmission. 

Now C-Drive+ and C-Move+ kits each feature the full range of CRLS gear needed to light with in 50cm and less: 50x50cm, 25x25cm, 15x15cm, and 7x7cm Cine Reflectors with five surfaces ranging from Diff 0 to Diff 4. The Plus also means that now Drive+ and Move+ kits come with an extra bag of mounting hardware. Each C-Grip hardware bag contains a C-Wheel Spigot, C-Wheel Receiver two safeties and a safety wedge. With three C-Grip hardware bags included in each kit, users can now mount up to six reflectors simultaneously.

The C-Drive+ features a durable and well-appointed wheeled flight case while the C-Move+ offers the same comprehensive selection of reflectors beautifully organized in a compact, ruggedly protective shoulder bag. The Diff 0 Mirror can also be purchased as a single item and will fit into existing C-Drive and C-Move Kits. 

Characteristically spill-free, CRLS output is made to blend into available light or source light situations. In addition to 5 diffusion grades (Diff 0 Mirror, Diff 1 Punch Black, Diff 2 blue Sky, Diff 3 Ambient Violet, and Diff 4 Super White) they come in 5 sizes: 7x7cm, 15x15cm, 25x25cm, 50x50cm, and 100x100cm. 

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About Lightbridge:

Conceived by visionary Austrian cinematographer Christian Berger, The Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) is a style of painting with light and shadow that pairs proprietary high efficiency reflectors with industry standard light sources to make diffused light easier to control and modulate. With a choice of five surfaces: Diff 0 Mirror, Diff 1 Punch Black, Diff 2 blue Sky, Diff 3 Ambient Violet, and Diff 4 Super White, Cine Reflectors act as the key light delivering spill-free diffused output. The result is a natural look in light and shadow. Lightbridge was established in Austria by gaffer Jakob Ballinger to bridge the art and technology of light. 

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