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LightHouse Films Director, Romain Quirot, Sweeps up Multiple PromaxBDA Awards


New York, NY —  (June 15, 2017) — Romain Quirot’s quirky commercial for the 2016 Summer Olympics for France 3 TV was just awarded the Gold Winner prize under both the Live Event Promos and Sports Directing categories at the 2016 PromaxBDA awards.

 An accomplished commercial director with a focus on lifestyle and light visual comedy, Quirot brings viewers into an amplified world filled with exhilarating moments that never rest. Olympic Games takes a clever approach to promoting the Summer Olympics for France 3, a leading French television channel. This spot exemplifies his fun, yet highly stylized mode of filmmaking, and takes direct inspiration from the whimsical world of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel.

The commercial opens outside of an extraordinary mansion-like hotel where detailed production design fills the screen. Quirot sneaks in nearly unobservable moments behind the main action such as a man pole vaulting into the hotel’s top window, bringing additional layers of humor to the spot. He touches on a breadth of Olympic disciplines as we seamlessly travel through the hotel where regular guests are comically startled by the presence of the exaggerated athletes.

Quirot brings something fresh to the industry by blending highly stylized films with a touch of humor and music video aesthetics. His energetic, poetic, and uniquely creative sensibilities have led him to do work for major brands such as Lacoste, L’Oréal, Burger King, KFC, Milka, Lipton, and YouTube. He recently directed his first U.S. broadcast campaign for Stainmaster carpets, and has been identified as a commercial director to watch.