Littlefox Communications Chooses Aframe Cloud Video Platform to Collaborate with Editors, Production Teams and Clients Around the World

Aframe announced that UK-based Littlefox Communications has chosen Aframe’s Cloud Video Platform as a collaborative space to manage and edit the video content it creates for its clients. As a digital communications company specialising in video to aid and develop business strategies for global organisations, Littlefox knew it needed a “one to many” solution that would allow easy access to content irrespective of the team’s location.

Littlefox works with a wide variety of companies, editors, production teams and animators across the globe and was looking for a cloud-based platform that could easily accommodate the versatile way in which it collaborates.

Prior to Aframe, Littlefox relied on courier services and the costly use of hard disk drives. Joanna Lewis, CEO, Littlefox, comments, “Before using Aframe the process of sharing footage was a lot slower and more costly. It could sometimes take up to a week for footage to make it into the editing process previously, but now we can share, edit and finalise footage in a day if we need to. It has completely changed our workflow.”

Littlefox is now able to ensure content is shared efficiently with various contributors across the globe in real time without the burden of making copies. For Littlefox, this ease of collaboration is one of the main benefits of the cloud-based video platform. “Aframe allows us to work with the very best people wherever they may be as opposed to being constrained by location or proximity.”

This became even more apparent when Littlefox was commissioned to work on a campaign with Macmillan Cancer Care. “When working on the Macmillan campaign, we were lucky enough to work with a young and talented animator based in New York. She was able to brainstorm ideas and upload content to be reviewed and edited with ease and speed; without Aframe this just wouldn’t have been possible. For me, this is the best thing about Aframe and the ease of the cloud. It doesn’t matter where the team is or what time zone they work in, everything can be done in a timely and efficient manner; resulting in innovative and quality content.”

As Littlefox has evolved, so has Aframe. The Aframe team has been able to support the growing requirements and functionality necessary for Littlefox to produce quality content that can be shared and reviewed with ease. “Aframe as a platform has grown significantly over the time we have been working with them and as a result, the platform has become a very central part of the overall workflow at Littlefox. They really have been able to grow with us as a team and take into account our needs and requirements. As a digital communications company, our requirements have been and always will be slightly different to some of the larger companies that Aframe works with, but this has never been an issue. They have always provided us with the support, resource and functionality that we needed,” adds Lewis.

She concludes, “Overall the relationship with Aframe has been excellent. Not only do they supply us with the very best functionality and allow us to save huge amounts of time in the reviewing and editing process, but they also make it possible for us to have the best team behind us. We work with editors and clients across the UK and indeed all over the world. This just wouldn’t be possible without Aframe.”

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