Live Video Streaming from Drones with the Ultra-Compact Soliton Zao-S H.265 Encoder

In the emerging world of broadcast drone journalism, Soliton’s Zao-S H.265 encoder is providing an unmatched solution for low-cost live streaming from HD camera-equipped drones.  Zao-S is the world’s smallest H.265 hardware encoder combining high performance, portability, and versatility.  Weighing only 400 grams including its own internal battery, Zao-S reliably live-streams over multiple “bonded” 3G/4G/LTE networks back to an internet connected server.    Zao-S’ low-latency allows drone footage to be easily integrated into existing broadcast workflows and become an essential part of the newsgathering process.

Capturing live breaking news and creating broadcast quality aerial footage at live news, sporting events, concerts and gatherings is becoming increasingly common. Live streaming engages audiences, provides unique perspectives, and is quickly becoming an increasingly powerful way to showcase events.  Live aerial streaming has the potential to fundamentally impact the methods in which content is captured, and delivered at major live events.  Zao-S offers a high degree of reliability, with an intuitive operation, specifically designed for broadcasters and other streaming professionals.  Video production companies, and video journalists are able to tell stories in ways never before possible making the creative possibilities endless.

Soliton’s RASCOW proprietary load balancing technology automatically adapts to network conditions in real time ensuring transmission of high quality HD video, at speed that will not deteriorate in quality as the drone moves further away.  Eliminating the necessity of Wi-Fi or a base station, the drone is able to travel much further distances without concern for losing Wi-Fi connectivity.  Incorporating H.265 (HEVC) compression, the Zao-S reduces transmission costs and enables reliable professional HD video contribution even in remote locations and bandwidth-constrained environments.

Emergency service providers are also discovering how the Zao-S integrated with camera-equipped drones, can efficiently improve communications when performing time-critical, lifesaving tasks.  First responders, and firefighters worldwide have integrated Zao-S for critical communications during situations, which threaten life and property.  Cost-effective, real- time video footage is an indispensable tool to increase preparedness, and communication within a single department or across multiple agencies.

Whether making real-time threat assessments, or optimizing aerial land surveys, the Zao-S has been field tested for any challenging live video application.  “The potential is only starting to be realized, with the Zao-S being integrated in a variety of industries including agriculture, public safety, cinema, and consumer creation” said Robert Houghtaling, Business Development at Palma Technology. Pricing is very accessible to a broad range of video professionals, and a flexible rental program for short-term event coverage is available through systems integrator and distributor Palma Technology.

About Palma International Technology:

Palma International Technology is a leading systems integrator and distributor in the US and Latin American production, media, journalism and broadcast industries. Palma is a specialist in mobile video streaming solutions and the transmission of IP signals, integrating a wide range of hardware, software and rental services. Our portfolio of products are focused on innovative, next generation technology and media workflows.

About Soliton Systems:

Soliton Systems, headquartered in Japan with offices in Europe, USA and China, manufacture a range of mobile video streaming, video encoding and security products. Its flagship product, the Smart-telecaster ZAO, is in use by range of global broadcasters, news and sport production companies, and emergency service providers, for live video delivery.

Business Development at Palma Technology
System integrator for Broadcast, Live IP Video, & ATSC 3.0. Specialist in the latest technology for low latency, cloud workflows, multiplatform IP and live remote 5G broadcasting.
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