LOBO Advanced Platform System Works with Motion Capture and Video Game Developer Companies

Media and video game developers have chosen LOBO Systems to provide a safe and fully customisable work platform for shooting film and video game development scenarios.

Centroid Motion Capture, Cloud Imperium Games, Remedy Games and Rocksteady are several companies that use LOBO all the time. In addition, enquiries from Disney at Pinewood Studios have also been received. The fast no-tool assembly features of the LOBO System are a perfect fit. Furthermore, LOBO can be configured quickly and efficiently into any shape or size and adapts from one studio to another effortlessly. Employees are product trained by LOBO to maximise safe use and take advantage of the fast assembly features.

“Thank you for coming to our studio and giving us the training to use the LOBO System properly. We have used your system with various applications where no other system will work as efficiently.”

“The cost of your system is another appealing part due to the cost of renting traditional scaffolding. Therefore, I would say we have recovered the cost of your system versus what we would have had to pay to rent scaffolding. In addition, the updated training you gave us further enlightened us on the many uses and new ideas on what can be done with the LOBO system.” So says the motion capture lead. He said, “With safety being the overriding priority, I know your system should be used extensively in the video game and motion capture business.”

LOBO Systems CEO Robert Bokros reiterates, “LOBO is a game-changer; it will reduce costs, reliance on outsourced scaffolding contractors and will increase safety using our detailed training process.”

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