Loyal LT and Loyal LT S4K World most affordable Native Full HD and 4K UHD 7inch monitors

PRESS RELEASE, 16-17-18 January 2016
Cinemartin is proud to announce the availability of its new Loyal LT series of monitors for cameras & DSLR’s.

7″ FullHD native + 4K Support + Assist tools at an introductory price of 99$
Up to 3840x2160p30, Lighter, 600 NIT, 1200:1, Anam. Supp.  

Available at 7″, Cinemartin is proud to introduce the new range subfamily, LT and LT S4K versions of the 2016 Loyal series of Bright monitors. Bomb the market with full of features like native FullHD with HDMI input and output with loop, IPS high quality panel, an astonishing contrast ratio of 1200:1, a brightness of up to 600 NITS, and featuring an extensive array of tools such as Exposure, False Color, Histogram, Peaking, the ability to change aspect ratio, markers, etc., and supporting anamorphing lenses, just at an introductory price of 99€.

Available in 2 versions, LT and LT S4K the latest one supporting video at up to 2160p.
With a contrast ratio of up to 1200:1, up to 600 NIT’s of luminance the new LT series are the great choice for any HDMI device.

It have a built in zoom up to 16x that, as with almost any feature, can be assigned to any of the custom buttons located on top.

A part of the high resolution and luminance, LT series comes with a full arsenal of Assit tools, inherit from its big brother monitor the Loyal std. series, it comes with the following video tools:


The peaking filter, commonly refered as Peak feature.
There are four filter color alternatives; red, green, blue and white, with peaking ranges from 0 to 100.

This tool helps focusing properly.ZEBRAS

The exposure filter, known as Zebra, comes to assist in exposure adjustments in the typical mode of the Zebra pattern. Exposure level ranges from 0 to 100.

This tool has many purposes.


The False color is used to help on setting of camera exposure, which enables to achieve properly exposure without external test equipment.

Other tools, include:


Available as of now as a standalone display or as a shoot kit pack that comes with a battery plate (for Sony NP-F Batteries), an AC adaptor, an HDMI cable, sunhood and a hot shoe mount.

Price of both models is 99$ standalone monitor and 149$ the monitor with the shooters kit (sun hood, battery plate, and dslr arm) , delivery starting at February 12, 20107 is about 3-4 weeks with a express option available for inmediately delivery (5 days).

Official Video Teaser

What the people say ?
Philip Johnston – UK
Photographer, Video-Blogger

 As of quality, this monitors feature a well detailed full HD native resolution at 1920 x 1080 with a contrast ratio of 1200:1, with up to 600 NIT’s of luminance. I have been very impressed with this monitor, the colours are very true as is the ability to check both focus and exposure.

Al Caudullo – Thailand

The Cinemartin Loyal LT is a stunning small monitor, ideal for almost any shooting condition. The super bright IPS panel is a beauty; some even consider IPS superior in picture quality than AMOLED. With 1920×1080 resolution, up to 16.7 million colors, 1200:1 contrast ratio and 600 NIT’s (cd/m2) of luminance, this monitor is definitely true a professional tool. The color calibration of my unit was definitely pro grade.

video review by Aleksandar Kuraica
video review by Richard Stine
Words from Alejandro Barrada (Co-Founder and Developer Manager at Cinemartin)

As your market is full of products, your options becomes a few, the must is to develop high quality products, and price it according, but sometimes you’ll need to go to shoot & splash, that’s the way I call it, by earning 0.0, that means sell at manufacturing cost, this gives you more opportunities, captive more people, that, on the end, might buy other products or services with better margin/benefits from your company.

7 inch hdmi monitor Loyal LT by Cinemartin is now available for purchase via Cinemartin website at

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