LYNX Technik AG Introduces a New Green Game Changer

greenMachineLYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces for broadcast and professional AV signal processing applications, today officially launches the much anticipated greenMachine® on its IBC2016 stand 8.C70.

greenMachine is a completely new concept adopting a three prong approach to product definition and function. Rather than being a fixed application specific box, greenMachine is a combination of general purpose hardware, downloadable APPs for customizable functionality and powerful control software.

With greenMachine, the industry has a way to reimagine their approach to purchasing, upgrading and building a foundation of signal processing solutions for any broadcast or professional video application. greenMachine explores the innovation surrounding infrastructure efficiency, as well as truly future-proofing a technology investment.

First, a user selects a hardware processing platform (or platforms), which are essentially inactive signal processing appliances with a variety of I/O connections and internal processing channels.

Functionality is then added by purchasing and downloading APPs from the LYNX online greenStore™. APPs can be mixed, matched and combined to customize and reconfigure greenMachine to suit virtually any application. New APPs will be constantly added to the greenStore, which enables the hardware to be easily reconfigured, adapted and upgraded into new applications as required.

The final component is greenGUI, an incredibly powerful control software application providing intuitive graphic editing and visualization tools to facilitate the navigation, configuration and control off all the connected greenMachines in a system. greenGUI is complimentary to all greenMachine users.

An entire system(s) can be visualized in a “greenUniverse,” which shows all greenMachine hardware and installed APPs. It provides a complete system view, from a global perspective all the way down to intricate signal connection details with just a click and spin of a mouse.

LYNX Technik is offering three greenMachine packages in popular configurations. These provide turnkey solutions at very cost-effective introductory prices that include hardware and a suite of APPs. Packages include the following functionality:

  • 3G/HD/SD Dual Channel SDI Frame Synchronizer
  • 3G/HD/SD Dual Channel SDI Frame Synchronizer + Up/Down/Cross Conversion
  • HD (1.5Gbit/s) SDI Dual Bidirectional Transport

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More information the three greenMachine packages can be found at:

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