LYNX Technik Radically Advances APPolo Control Software Intelligence with AutoControl Automation Feature

NAB 2014 – N1120, SL5028 – March 13, 2014 – Weiterstadt, Germany – LYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces and signal processing solutions is launching AutoControl for its APPolo Control System at NAB 2014. AutoControl vastly expands the functionality of the APPolo Control System by adding an automation layer, making control possibilities for the Series 5000 CardModule systems virtually limitless.

The LYNX Technik APPolo Control Systemâ„¢ is a user-friendly, intuitive and self-configuring control system for remote control, status monitoring and SNMP error reporting. Typically used with the Series 5000 CardModule system, APPolo is the heart of a centralized control system which can easily be expanded to grow with your system. From a single rack to literally hundreds of racks located in different locations, the system can be easily used for controlling small or large Series 5000 system installations.

AutoControl allows users to configure and set system conditions for any parameter in a system, which if met, will trigger pre-programmed and automated actions. For example: If it is required to change signal routing based on a given video format being detected elsewhere in the system, users can program the system to monitor the required input signal and then trigger a change to the signal routing settings on a distribution amplifier located anywhere in the system – the possibilities are truly endless.

Multiple external GPI connections have also been added, which means users can create actions based on system triggers from external devices, or send commands to external devices.

The new AutoControl automation feature will be demonstrated at the LYNX Technik NAB 2014 booth, N1120.

In addition to its flagship booth N1120, LYNX Technik will showcase its family of yellobriks on booth SL5028.

About LYNX Technik:

LYNX Technik AG is an industry leader and technology provider of modular interface solutions for broadcast and professional use. LYNX Technik AG is an independent privately owned company with its headquarters, research and manufacturing facilities based in Weiterstadt, Germany. Sales and Support is covered through secondary distribution channels managed from its headquarters in Germany, USA (California), and Asia (Singapore).

Product brands include: Series 5000 rack and card based series, APPolo control system, yellobrik standalone plug-and play modules, blueBox standalone application specific boxes, and the Testor digital test signal generator.

Products include: audio / video / fiber conversion, audio / video distribution, fiber splitters, mux/demux, embedding / de-embedding, audio delay, image processing, frame synchronizers, test generators, as well as a line of rack frames and accessories.

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