LYNX Technik Showcases yellobrik Fiber Solutions at ISE2023

Lynx Technik yellobrik fiber solutionsLYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces that it will be showcasing its range of fiber yellobriks at the upcoming ISE 2023 show in Barcelona, on stand 5C780.

By using the LYNX Technik yellobrik Fiber solutions, facilities can take advantage of fiber optic cabling to extend the reach of their signal over a greater distance – up to 40 Km / 24 miles for most applications, and even further when long-haul technology is used. In addition to transporting signals over longer distances, the yellobrik fiber solutions support very high data rates, high speed signal connection between locations, and yield a very low signal loss, ensuring clear and sharp signals.

LYNX Technik will showcase examples of their entire yellobrik fiber line at the upcoming ISE event, including fiber converters for SDI, HDMI, Serial, and Ethernet, optical switches, fiber splitters and fiber mux/demux. Models also include 8K and 4K fiber transmission solutions, 12G transceivers with CWDM support, fiber optic to SDI / SDI to fiber receivers, transmitters and transceivers, as well as ethernet to fiber solutions. The LYNX Technik yellobrik fiber line also includes multiplexers and demultiplexers (with CWDM support) which bring several signals together for transporting over a single fiber. Optical splitters/combiners round out the yellobrik fiber line.

These yellobriks provide a variety of connectivity solutions where cabling may be a challenge, or where long-distance signal distribution is required. They are hot swappable and hot pluggable, user-friendly with all the instructions and indicators printed directly on the units themselves. Their ease of use facilitates easy setup and quick troubleshooting. Built in Germany, the yellobrik series is considered one of the most robust in the industry.

A yellobrik system can be built with a combination of fiber solutions as well as many other yellobrik models. The SRV 1000 yellobrik server module and the yellobrik rack controller provide a means for users to centrally control all yellobriks that are located at different sites. This enhanced functionality providers facilities with a streamlined interface to control yellobriks centrally, reduces technical onboarding, reduces support time, and ensures centralized yellobrik monitoring, reporting, and other status indicators – for small and large yellobrik systems alike.

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