Make.TV enables newsroom in the cloud for Al Jazeera Media Network

Make.TV enables newsroom in the cloud for Al Jazeera Media Network


Seattle, WA – 14 September 2018  Make.TV announces that Al Jazeera Media Network is using Live Video Cloud to build a newsroom in the cloud for its United Nations bureau. Make.TV’s solution improves collaboration between contributors, producers and editors and speeds up reporting of breaking news from the field to the public.


Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud enables Al Jazeera to ingest live interviews and events recorded and stored on-site alongside content from various mediums. Used for both live and recorded content, Live Video Cloud simplifies content acquisition and curation, enables Al Jazeera to record and schedule audio and video media, and route the streams to its Arabic and English newsrooms for further distribution. The solution easily scales to allow the number of sources and destinations to change according to Al Jazeera’s needs.


“We are constantly covering breaking news and can’t afford hardware failures or storage limitations when producing live segments. Working with Make.TV guarantees that we can focus on our mission to uncover stories as they arise, safe in the knowledge that we can trust our infrastructure to work perfectly and accommodate storage and bandwidth needs we can’t predict,” said Miljenko Logozar, Chief Broadcast Architect at Al Jazeera Media Networks.


Make.TV’s Live Video Cloud opens pathways for video to be shared between content creators, producers, programmers and advertisers with scale, speed and relevance previously not possible. It makes it easy to get breaking news content quickly, handle remote production and deliver localized content across broadcast, online and social media networks.


“Being the first to deliver great content is absolutely crucial for Al Jazeera. With Live Video Cloud, we are helping create a dynamic workflow that enables live production with decentralized, agile teams that can report on any story, anywhere in the world,” said Andreas Jacobi, CEO and co-founder at Make.TV. “This opens the door to a new era of news reporting that will be faster, more collaborative and more easily managed.”


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