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Poetic Narrative Short Film, MARGOT, Enters Post Production


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Award-Winning Director Camille de Galbert’s New Mind-Bending Short Sets Sights on Crowdfunding

New York, NY — (February 28, 2017) — NYC based production company LightHouse Films recently wrapped production of award-winning director Camille de Galbert’s latest mind-bending short film, MARGOT. They have officially launched an Indiegogo campaign to help them through post production and distribution, while simultaneously igniting further interest.

MARGOT follows the inner journey of a young woman struggling to reconnect with reality as she delves through layers of her subconscious and key moments from her childhood. A careful blend of music, dance and striking imagery, this film takes a unique approach to the narrative form by twisting it around the finger of poetic surrealism. MARGOT is a film about caring for oneself, caring for others, and caring for life in spite of the struggles one may face.

Writer and director, Camille de Galbert, says that she sees MARGOT as, “an invitation for audiences to reflect upon their past and descend into the mysterious beauty of their own subconscious.”

Innovative, visceral, and thought provoking, the script has received support from leading institutions around the world. The Jerome Foundation, an organization furthering cutting edge artistic vision for over 50 years, recognized the singular process from an emerging director, while La Maison Rouge, a leading art foundation in Paris, France celebrated the avant garde spirit behind the script. In addition, New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT), an organization dedicated to propelling women forward through industrial leadership, praised the female centric values of MARGOT and offered tax deductible support for all crowdfunding contributions made to the film.

An ambitious filmmaking feat, MARGOT required a brilliant ensemble of diverse cast and crew members. Director of Photography, Michael Belcher, who has worked on films for previous world renowned musical artists, such as Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” (Time Magazine’s #1 Video of the Year), says, “I was thrilled to see so many diverse faces on set, all of whom came out for an indie production to take part in something unique and artistic. Working on MARGOT reminded me why I wanted to make films in the first place.”

Lead Actress Anjelica Bette Fellini who plays Margot, previously performed in one of Broadway’s longest running spectacles, Phantom of the Opera, and is currently on a national tour for Dirty Dancing.

She describes her experience on set and with the director as, “…a remarkable exploration of the human mind. When I was first introduced to script, I knew that embodying a character such as Margot, one that limbos between the recesses of memory and nonlinear time, would require surgeon-like precision in terms of execution, as such abstract forms of storytelling can often disorient the audience. Upon becoming acquainted with Camille de Galbert and experiencing onset the delightfully peculiar process she employed by using the movement of music and dance to guide her direction, I had no doubt that MARGOT would project her vision lucidly.        

MARGOT is the second short from the director to be produced by LightHouse Films, a leading NY based production company. Executive Producer and LightHouse Films Partner, Thibaut Estellon, heralded the production with the support of Zach Kislevitz, an independent narrative and commercial producer.

“Camille’s first short film, SIMON, showed a truly unique vision, something visceral that came from the heart and the guts. She came to film through dance and the visual arts, drawing her stories from the inner experience. This is why her films trigger emotional reactions in her audiences; she has a gift that leaves us vulnerable and sensitive to her stories and images. Her first film SIMON showed huge potential and we’re proud to accompany her on her second short, which is leaning toward a more classical narrative structure that preserves surreal and emotional elements, creating her signature style” Estellon comments.

The director spent a year developing the script and going carefully over each creative key decision with her team and LightHouse. “I draw a lot from my psyche and rehash stuff that I’ve been through, it’s both an emotional and exhausting process as I need to dig into my memorious subconscious, similar to a psychoanalytic process. The subjects that MARGOT touches on can be strangely complex, once you study the meaning behind the story, you will realize how deep we have traveled into the rabbit hole of the mind. After much effort, I’m so proud to have received overwhelming encouragement from establishments, such as LightHouse Films, and am excited about post and the festival screenings to come. We now need support more than ever to complete the journey!” enthuses Camille.

MARGOT has begun rallying social media support and informing curious followers through its website, Facebook page, and Instagram.  The film’s  Indiegogo campaign concludes March 18th at midnight.

LOGLINE: MARGOT follows the inner journey of a young woman struggling to reconnect with reality as she delves through layers of her subconscious and key moments from her childhood. A careful blend of music, dance, and striking imagery, the film takes a unique approach to the narrative form by twisting it around the finger of poetic surrealism.

About the Writer & Director Camille de Galbert:

Camille de Galbert is a Brooklyn based artist and emerging filmmaker, originally from France. She moved to New York in order to pursue a career in dance, but after a knee injury halted her career, she turned her creative attention to film, as it is a natural blend of music, movement, and imagery. Praised for her unique artistic approach, Camille’s multidisciplinary work reveals ethereal ideas of her spirit, perseverance and consciousness. Her art and experimental films have been exhibited at museums and art foundations in France, the U.S. Germany, Slovenia, and Italy. Camille’s debut film, SIMON, produced by LightHouse Films in 2015, won 6 Best Short Film awards across the continent (including Miami, Malibu,  and Chicago), 60 official film festival SELECTIONS, and is on the verge of public release.

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