Marquis Broadcast Adds 4K, HDR Support and Motion Compensated Conversion to Medway

Improved middleware solution accelerates workflow and business transformation

Marquis Broadcast MedwayWith an increasing industry need to operate UHD and HDR workflows alongside conventional HD operations, workflows have become much more complex. To streamline this complexity Marquis have added native HDR processing, UHD support and high quality de-interlace to Medway. Meaning Medway can now automatically translate and convert between 4K and other resolutions, HDR and SDR colour space and seamlessly use both interlaced and progressive scanning.

Chris Steele commented “this development points the way forward for Medway to be able to perform high quality conversion of many types in the future. This augments the already powerful Medway platform being the only middleware that can operate at sequence level and also between multiple resolutions.  Medway uniquely supports sequence level translations in all resolutions meaning all content remains editable in downstream production processes, making for incredibly efficient and agile workflows.”

The Cloud based Medway Engine Web Service (MEWS) also supports these new features enabling many new use cases. For example, a UHD HDR hybrid cloud ground proxy relinking workflow, in which Medway and MEWS are used to Integrate Avid Interplay proxy editing to cloud based HDR content.

The Medway cloud workflow is ideal for teams that may be working in different locations, enabling productions to be more easily distributed and tasks load-balanced across creative teams. A customer might work on a project, which they might then send to a MEWS system hosted in cloud. MEWS detects when media arrives in the cloud, immediately creating much smaller proxy versions of the media and downloading these to the local site, these then get picked up by the local Medway system and delivered into the Avid systems. So, if the customer wants to make a promo about a programme that has already been edited and uploaded to cloud, they can now edit a promo locally in proxies, then issue a request to the local Medway system for the high-resolution partials of the files, which get automatically replaced in the background.

“Medway and MEWS technology drastically reduces the egress costs of operating in cloud,” comments Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast. “Over the past ten years, demands on media production infrastructure have expanded exponentially, especially with the transition to IP-based workflows. However, with Medway, plus its new support for 4K HDR and frame rate conversion, we’re able to help facilities improve the efficiency of digital workflows, ensuring edit platforms, third-party MAMs and automation systems work seamlessly together.”


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