Masstech to show broadcasters the power and flexibility of hybrid cloud for optimized storage and lifecycle of their video assets at NAB 2019

Masstech, the future-led technology company that provides the media and entertainment (M&E) industry with intelligent content storage and lifecycle management solutions, today announced that at NAB 2019 the company will demonstrate its full range of highly optimized cloud and hybrid cloud storage and asset lifecycle solutions.

Masstech will show how FlashNet, its industry-leading video-centric storage management solution, combines the true flexibility of hybrid cloud with intelligent, content aware workflows to power the next-generation of optimized tiered storage environments. Whether broadcasters are looking to the cloud as a logical next-step in expanding their existing storage, or want to break free from the restrictive cloud options of a current archive provider, Masstech offers highly-efficient cloud or hybrid cloud storage and the flexible pricing that will help them achieve operational and business targets.

Hybrid cloud environments with a single control layer

Masstech is the only storage management vendor that provides a single control layer for an entire hybrid cloud storage ecosystem,” said Mike Palmer, CTO, Masstech. “Our FlashNet and MassStore solutions can intelligently store your assets in a private cloud, multiple public clouds, or a hybrid configuration that incorporates existing on-premise storage technologies, such as disk, flash, ODA and LTO.”

“Allowing the integration of multiple private and public clouds into a single name-space, with the option to include existing or new on-premise storage, provides the highest degrees of flexibility, durability, efficiency, and cost-savings,” continued Palmer. “Compare this to siloed storage systems with independent buckets and disparate control layers which are not capable of these efficiencies. Masstech solves this issue, homogenizing multiple technologies and service providers into a single object storage name-space, transparent to the MAM, PAM or other management system.”

Object Storage without vendor-lock

“At Masstech we’ve always been proud of our agnosticism,” said Joe French, CEO, Masstech. “This philosophy continues with our hybrid cloud object store solutions; this is true object storage, without ties to specific hardware or cloud vendors. Our support of multiple private cloud systems, such as Cloudian or Caringo, and all major public clouds (Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi etc.) provide genuine freedom of choice of storage providers that other vendors simply can’t match.”

Intelligent workflows, automated lifecycle and integrated transcode

Masstech will also be showing enhanced workflow and lifecycle management via MassStore, its advanced Media Services Framework that allows users to create simple, smart workflows to ensure that content is always in the right place, in the right time, and in the correct format.

MassStore features a fully customizable workflow engine, including environment-specific workflows for news, sports, production, cinema, houses of worship, education and other segments. MassStore’s powerful, integrated transcoding, deep enrichment of metadata and optimized lifecycle management allow users to automate complex and time-consuming tasks, realizing improved operational efficiency and associated financial benefits.

Also on show: MassStore for News: Specific integrations of the MassStore Media Services Framework into the industry’s most advanced NRCS systems, such as AP ENPS, Avid iNews, Octopus Newsroom and Ross Inception. Video is automatically saved and linked with scripts, enabling video search from the NRCS. Work-in-progress stories and media can be moved between newsrooms with simple drag and drop, accessed from any connected system, and automatically stored, retrieved and distributed from within the NRCS interface.

 Seamless incorporation of legacy archives into next generation storage: Masstech offers a painless, disruption-free path to next-generation storage ecosystems for users of proprietary archive systems, who are looking to move away from the restrictions of vendor-locked cloud and tape solutions. Masstech’s simple Switch is quick and easy, and involves no migration of tapes, content re-ingest or other resource-intensive processes.



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