Matrix Solutions Launches Third Major Product Release in 2015





Matrix Solutions Launches Third Major Product Release in 2015

PITTSBURGH, PA, December 2, 2015 – Matrix Solutions, a leading provider of media CRM & Sales Intelligence solutions, today announced a new product release of their cloud-based, enterprise platform. The release provides advanced workflow tools designed to improve sales productivity and outcomes for teams and individuals across multiple platforms. Earlier this year, Matrix launched Matrix Mobile, providing users the ability to universally extend their workflow from desktop to mobile. This current release, which entails significant enhancements for both standard web-based and mobile access, marks the third major product release for the company this year.

The release, made available to all Matrix users on November 21, 2015, introduces advanced features and functionality including:

  • Automated call activity which tracks calls and prompts user for notes when they are made
  • Ability to submit leads to a manager for approval on the go
  • Agency access and view capabilities
  • Comprehensive calendar views for both sales activities and deals daily/weekly/monthly

Matrix Premium users can now access list builder from their mobile device in order to view account and contact information quickly. More robust management over deals can be accounted for with the Deal Stage Report to capture the status and length of deals open and a new tab for all deals provides insight into history and progression of each deal as it enters a new sales stage. Such functionality allows users and teams alike to gain a deeper understanding of their workflow and enables them to maximize it.

“This latest platform release provides an abundance of updates – all very intuitive – to greatly improve upon the user’s experience; helping them to work smarter, faster and more efficient,” said B.J. Boyle, Vice President, Product Management, Matrix Solutions. “Additionally, our users will find that not only did we enhance the platform from a Matrix perspective, but there are also advanced capabilities with our integrations and a feature was added to help users reassign accounts from a third-party tool.”

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Matrix Solutions offers a leading web-based, media-specific platform that enables intelligent business decisions for managing your sales teams, their opportunities and accounts across TV, radio, and electronic advertising businesses. The Matrix solution transforms chaotic data into actionable sales information and provides deep media sales workflow to give you the exact information needed for prospecting, managing, evaluating and closing business.  Over 500 media customers use Matrix Solutions’ CRM, data normalization and analysis, and reporting functions as their platform of choice for their sales people and managers to get a 360-degree view of their opportunities and accounts. For more information please visit

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