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Matrox Monarch Edge Helps Broadcasters Distribute Better Live Video Content



The way video content is displayed and encoded is important, especially when efficiency and convenience are becoming more essential as demands for higher quality material continue to increase. Broadcasting professionals know this, and with encoding technology evolving as fast as 4k, there can only be a future of promises ahead for the broadcasting industry and the ways a video product provider like Matrox influences its progression. When it comes to delivering unparalleled and robust encoding power with the wide-ranging aptitude of the H.264 codec, Matrox has been the champion in its time as a provider of high-quality video products for the past 35 years. The culture of Matrox has always been driven to prosper and innovate within the high-tech sector. Since 1976, the company has succeeded in its ability to produce high quality products to video professionals and broadcasters, as it has continued to transition and evolve over time. Earlier this April at 2019 NAB Show, Matrox demonstrated the pinnacle of its success through the unveiling of their latest webcasting encoder, which garnered them the well deserved NAB 2019 Product of the Year in Remote Production & Best of Show Winner award.

This year’s 2019 NAB Show proved to be a fantastic demonstration, as Matrox unveiled the Matrox Monarch EDGE, a 4K/Multi-HD webcasting and remote production encoder. This encoder provides broadcasters with robust, low-latency, and dynamic H.264 encoding capabilities, which are packaged in a compact, low power, and portable appliance. What makes this encoder both efficient is that it helps broadcasters deliver unique and compelling live content through its use of a high-frame rate 4K (HFR), 4K 360 VR, and multi-camera selection. In simpler terms, the Monarch EDGE allows for content providers to deliver a superlative 4K viewing experience. 

How The Monarch Edge Is Improving Video Broadcasting

Matrox Technical Marketing Manager

The Monarch edge has certainly brought a great deal of technological innovation within webcasting as well as broadcasting, and this was best illustrated at the 2019 NAB Show. The Monarch Edge’s function was explained by the company’s technical marketing manager, Dan Maloney. While representing Matrox at 2019 NAB Show, Maloney stated how as an encoder, the Monarch Edge is not only ideal for high-speed sports encoding, but how its four inputs (one 12 sgi, three 3gsdi) could either encode a full 4k 60 stream or in a multi-angle/multi-camera environment similar to the streams hosted through youtube live environments. This would allow any viewer to watch content from a more preferable angle out of the four available angles the encoder would enable them to view the live content.



In discussing from the more remote production side, Maloney  further spoke about how the Monarch Edge’s use of multiple streams, primarily through 4:2:2 10 bit broadcasting, could simplify a broadcaster’s means of acquiring high-quality content and reduce the need for a b-van (broadcasting van). Basically, if a cameraman were to go and film live footage of an event such as a sports game, then they could go out on location, encode the filmed content, and send it directly to the studio for remote production to provide a live feed of the same content. 



There is much to discuss when it comes to the world of broadcasting and the 4k surge that has only worked to evolve it. Video broadcasting is undergoing a transformation that is beyond radical as new innovations place broadcasters into adapting a wider landscape of methods focused on incorporating better quality content, as well as the inherent convenience of acquiring and further distributing it in a live stream from multiple angles. The incorporation of the Matrox Monarch Edge has allowed for the encoding of 4K at high frame rates (50 or 60 fps), while the OVP handles any unwanted downscaling. It’s because of this type of technological efficiency that enabled Matrox to take both the NAB 2019 Product of the Year in Remote Production & Best of Show Winner and InfoComm 2019 Best of Show Winner awards. 

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