Maxon Joins Metaverse Standards Forum as a Founding Member



Bad Homburg, Germany – July 11, 2022 – 

Maxon is pleased to announce that it is one of the founding members of the Metaverse Standards Forum, a newly established governing body that aims to foster alignment on requirements and priorities for metaverse interoperability standards. Along with Adobe, Epic Games, Meta, Microsoft, and NVIDIA, amongst additional founding members, Maxon aims to help build an open and inclusive metaverse that enables the deployment of diverse technologies, including interactive 3D graphics, augmented and virtual reality, and more.


This latest news comes as Maxon pursues its mission to continuously improve user experience, while adapting to an ever-changing technological space. The company’s long-standing commitment to a customer-centric, collaborative, and inclusive ideology perfectly positions them to help build the foundations for a similarly accessible and user-focused Metaverse. 


“Ultimately the success of the Metaverse is dependent on specifying universal interoperability standards. By doing this, we’re establishing a unified workspace where users can explore new vehicles for content creation while discovering new ways to be creative,” said David McGavran, CEO of Maxon. “The new Metaverse Standards Forum was established for companies like ours who build tools and solutions for content creators who want to remain on the cutting edge. As a result, we have long embraced essential software that provides our customers with the tools they need to engage with the Metaverse.”


The vast array of high-quality tools under the Maxon product umbrella, including Cinema 4D, Redshift, and the recently acquired ZBrush, have been established as the industry standard for motion graphics, VFX, 3D sculpting and all types of visualization for over 20 years. These tools are important to provide Maxon One subscription holders with a smooth workflow for all of their creative projects and already allow customers to participate in the Metaverse as it currently exists, as well as what it will eventually become.


Prior to joining the Metaverse Standards Forum, Maxon had already embraced exchange file formats and bridges to other software, such as Unreal and Substance. In particular, Cineware has long set the standard for interoperability and collaboration that the Forum looks to set by providing seamless integration of Cinema 4D technology and assets with After Effects, Unreal, Vectorworks, Adobe Illustrator and more.


In addition, Maxon offers support for the glTF and USDF file formats, and the new Redshift Standard Material adds industry standard-material authoring to Cinema 4D, and support for MaterialX is currently in development.


About the Metaverse Standards Forum

The Metaverse Standards Forum brings together companies and standards organizations to foster alignment on requirements and priorities for metaverse interoperability standards, and accelerate their development and deployment through pragmatic, action-based projects. Open to any organization at no cost, founding members include 0xSenses, Academy Software Foundation, Adobe, Alibaba, Autodesk, Avataar,, CalConnect, Cesium, Daly Realism, Disguise, the Enosema Foundation, Epic Games, the Express Language Foundation, Huawei, IKEA, John Peddie Research, Khronos, Lamina1, Maxon, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, OpenAR Cloud, the Open Geospatial Consortium, Otoy, Perey Research and Consulting, Qualcomm Technologies, Ribose, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Spatial Web Foundation, Unity, VerseMaker, Wayfair, the Web3D Consortium, the World Wide Web Consortium, and the XR Association. Learn more at, and follow the Metaverse Standards Forum on Twitter @metaverse_forum.

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About Maxon

Maxon makes powerful, yet approachable software solutions for content creators working in 2D and 3D design, motion graphics, visual effects and visualization. Maxon’s innovative product portfolio helps artists supercharge their creative workflows. Our product lines include the award-winning Cinema 4D suite of 3D modeling, simulation and animation technology; the creativity-on-the-go Forger mobile sculpting app; the diverse Red Giant lineup of revolutionary editing, motion design and filmmaking tools; the leading-edge, blazingly fast Redshift renderer; and ZBrush, the industry-standard digital sculpting and painting solution.

Maxon’s team is comprised of fun, passionate people who believe in building and empowering a successful artistic community. From our popular, inclusive events to our free Cineversity educational resources, Maxon recognizes that developing strong connections with creatives and fostering their professional growth is integral to our ability to stay on top of industry trends and better serve customers. 

Maxon is part of the Nemetschek Group.


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