Maxon Unleashes Enhanced DCC Compatibility and More in Latest Product Releases

Maxon, developers of professional software solutions for editors, filmmakers, motion designers, visual effects artists and creators of all types, today announced a comprehensive update to a series of products in the Maxon One family. Redshift now includes support for Autodesk Maya 2024 on Windows, camera and backplates for 3DS Max, new Principled Hair for Cinema 4D and more. VFX adds support for Real Lens Flares in Adobe Premiere Pro and valuable upgrades to Supercomp. The incredibly useful collection of Maxon Capsules continues to “grow” – this time in the form of expertly crafted Laubwerk Plant assets.

This latest release includes: 

Redshift 3.5.16 extends DCC support and features substantial improvements to memory management in Redshift CPU.  

  • Redshift is now available for the latest version of Maya on Windows machines, with support for other operating systems coming soon.
  • Redshift Camera and Backplates are now available in Redshift for 3DS Max. Now 3DS Max users can easily apply different backplates for each camera, either in-render or as a post-effect, with robust frame fitting and adjustment options.
  • New material preset for Principled Hair added for Cinema 4D makes it even easier to get up and running with physically-based hair. More realistic hair with nuanced settings for texture and shape variation can now be created with just a few clicks in the Material Manager while Redshift is active.
  • Redshift CPU rendering is now faster in all host software packages, with significantly lower memory requirements (50% on average). 
  • General performance and stability updates for improved performance in 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and Houdini.
  • Added support for animated vertex deformation with motion blur in Redshift for Blender.


Editors can now add Real Lens Flares to any footage within Adobe Premiere Pro, and Supercomp now offers a more natural simulation of light, allowing editors to quickly match the specific conditions of a shot.

  • Real Lens Flares is now available in Premiere Pro. It works exactly the same as in After Effects, with the same highly detailed level of customization. Videographers can now create realistic lens flares based on simulated optical models and ray traced light, with an unprecedented amount of artistic control while creating the most realistic looking lens flares possible. 
  • The upgrade to Supercomp now provides more realistic and beautiful Light Wrap, Reverse Light Wrap and Diffusion effects with more creative control.


With Maxon‘s powerful Capsules, artists can use tailor-made assets to enhance their projects. Therefore, we are happy to present the first twelve Laubwerk Plant Assets, a great sampler of plant assets created by vegetation experts Laubwerk.

  • Use the power of twelve new Laubwerk Plant Assets – from trees like Maple and Cherry, to bushes like Lavender and Dutch Garlic to tropical stand-outs like the Kentia Palm. 
  • A collection of 28 new Redshift ArchViz materials now makes it easy to render plastic objects. Great for everything from industrial design to architectural visualization.

Users are encouraged to update immediately through the Maxon App.

About Maxon
Maxon makes powerful, yet approachable software solutions for content creators working in 2D and 3D design, motion graphics, visual effects and visualization. Maxon’s innovative product portfolio helps artists supercharge their creative workflows. Our product lines include the award-winning Cinema 4D suite of 3D modeling, simulation and animation technology; the creativity-on-the-go Forger mobile sculpting app; the diverse Red Giant lineup of revolutionary editing, motion design and filmmaking tools; the leading-edge, blazingly fast Redshift renderer; and ZBrush, the industry-standard digital sculpting and painting solution.

Maxon’s team is comprised of fun, passionate people who believe in building and empowering a successful artistic community. From our popular, inclusive events to our free Cineversity educational resources, Maxon recognizes that developing strong connections with creatives and fostering their professional growth is integral to our ability to stay on top of industry trends and better serve customers. 

Maxon is part of the Nemetschek Group.

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