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Media Excel’s HERO VS: Cloud Multi-Screen Encoder/Transcoder


Media Excel’s HERO VS multi-screen encoding/transcoding virtual software technology brings quality, dependability, and performance that supports your capital investment all the way down to your much needed low cost cloud solution! The Hero VS (Virtual Software) runs on a private cloud and can be an excellent option for growing your video on the web from Broadcasters to Content Distributors to Telco. The Cloud Computing aspect to this power solution gives the end-user the ability to utilize only the resources that they would need to fulfill a needed task. Hence, concerns and the risks involved  investing in hardware capital that potentially can become obsolete within a 12-24 month span has changed with this cloud based virtual software solution.

The HERO VS provides for your video demand peaks to have more resources allocated to provides for stream performance to never falter, and when the demands are low your resources are not sitting idle.  The pay-as-you-go scenario is  a wonderful way to have your company gauge “needs vs cost” so that when your high priority jobs that require which require the necessary processing resources get the job completed faster and the low priority jobs can be processed overnight if needed. Content Distributors can expand the customer base, yet also smartly invest their money into a solution that can conform and expand based on the jobs demand and easily mark up with positive money! Broadcasters, are in the same situation as to the amount of new technologies and devices that provide for video distribution- but simply have the ever-challenging question, “where to invest the money?” 

The Telcos are certainly battling the absolute explosion of video over the internet, more Telcos are looking to attract and retain customers by offering premium services for their broadband and mobile customers which include live, streaming video and video-on-demand services. *But Telcos are experts in networking and telephony, not video processing.  By utilizing HERO VS transcoding on The Cloud Telcos can take advantage of a distributed transcoding service for both live and on-demand to provide premium video services to their customers on a pay-as-you-go plan!

Make sure to stop by stand #5B2-02 at BroadcastAsia2014 for more information from the kind folks at Media Excel!

ABOUT Media Excel:

Media Excel is comprised of a World Class Engineering Team specializing in video compression, digital signal processing, and hardware/software design. Collectively, the team has over 150 years of experience specifically in the product development in the digital media industry with multiple PhD’s in compression technologies.

*For research and fact finding go to: www.mediaexcel.com/index.php

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Matt Harchick

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Matt and his family currently reside in the Washington, D.C metro area.
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