MEDIAGENIX and Limecraft Streamline the Content Supply Chain for Production Companies and Distributors

MEDIAGENIX and Limecraft are joining forces to streamline the content supply chain for production companies and distributors. Their new joint solution — the Production Portal — combines MEDIAGENIX’ single source of truth on content metadata with Limecraft’s streamlined media supply chain from the content producer’s point of view. This innovative seamlessly-integrated solution brings significant efficiency and quality gains, enabling content suppliers to directly feed the content supply chain through a digitally streamlined process capturing metadata, images and material.

At the core of this collaboration between MEDIAGENIX and Limecraft is a shared vision to improve the complex delivery process that bridges the gap between content production and broadcasting/streaming. Faced with increasing complexity and cost pressure, media companies need to streamline this fragmented process governed by ad-hoc and informal workflows and improve communication between partners.

Broadcasters today receive content from various sources and, similarly, producers have to deliver content to multiple distribution channels. This can often lead to problems in areas such as digital servicing, quality control, version management and metadata consistency. A lack of industry standards has also caused a dramatic increase in the amount of manual and error-prone work at both sender and recipient ends. “Given the multifaceted challenges and the interdependencies among stakeholders, a common workspace for managing delivery processes has become a must-have rather than a nice-to-have”, says Ivan Verbesselt, Chief Product and Marketing Officer for MEDIAGENIX. “The Production Portal allows for a broad and deep interaction between content producers and distributors, which is essential for them to scale up their businesses.”

“The key to ensuring consistency across the content delivery chain lies in establishing a distributed ledger of metadata”, notes Maarten Verwaest, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at Limecraft. “This includes defining a comprehensive metadata model that includes various attributes like title, cast, genre, and more. Maintaining an agreed set of metadata values, particularly for fields like genres and categories, is crucial to avoid inconsistencies and discrepancies”.

By ensuring overall consistency, the Production Portal brings significant efficiency and quality gains with seamless collaboration between upstream and downstream content value chain partners. The solution ensures frictionless delivery of metadata, images and material between content producers and broadcasters or streamers with unambiguous requirements, tailored workflows, and unified tracking and follow-up, eradicating manual work and driving operational efficiency.
This partnership between MEDIAGENIX and Limecraft is a testament to their commitment to innovation, providing a structural solution for the media industry as a whole. By seamlessly bridging the gap between content creators and broadcasters and streamers, the Production Portal paves the way for a future where high-quality content reaches audiences faster and more effectively.


MEDIAGENIX ( is a top business solution vendor in the international media industry with its Media Business Management Platform combining the extensive and renowned capabilities of WHATS’ON and BeBanjo.

Over 180 media companies across the globe trust these capabilities to tackle the content and programming challenges of this multiplatform era with streamlined workflows related to content, content rights, planning, scheduling and curation. The business agility they gain with the MEDIAGENIX software suites enables media companies to offer the right content at the right time to the right audience on the right device, through whichever platforms and delivery methods and with whatever mix of business models best suited to achieve their aims. With one source of truth, touchless operations and actionable intelligence, they optimize cross-department collaboration, operational efficiency, cross-platform audience engagement, and content monetization. The bottom line is substantial cost reduction and maximized content lifetime value.

About Limecraft

Loved by award-winning creators and trusted by the industry’s largest content producers, Limecraft offers a fresh approach to your video workspace. We help producers and storytellers improve collaboration and create more compelling content.

Limecraft’s cloud-based solutions enable content creators to store, manage and share everything from the first rushes to thousands of masters, easily and securely. We help you keep track of locally-stored assets and use AI transcription and image recognition to index content and automate repetitive work, letting you focus on creative story editing. Limecraft Workspaces can be easily customised for specific formats like scripted TV, documentary and non-scripted entertainment, getting you up and running in minutes. Delivery logic helps bridge the gap between content producers and broadcasters/streamers by handling file transfer, traffic management reporting, metadata, version control and communication between all stakeholders.

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