MediaPulse Media Orchestrator Will Be The Highlight of Xytech Systems’ 2020 NAB Show Exhibit


As technology continues to undergo the variety of evolutions that make its diversity more profound, then so do the many industries it is integrated within as a means of innovative progression. In the case of the broadcast/entertainment industry, technology, as well as the use of software solutions, play vital roles as to how much more flexibility a creative professional can have in creating, distributing, and monetizing their content beyond the best of their abilities. There can be no denying that as the digital landscape continues to expand, that a lot of that substantial growth can be attributed to the technology and solutions developed by innovative tech manufacturers like Xytech Systems, which will be an exhibitor at the 2020 NAB Show this April in Las Vegas.


About Xytech Systems



Xytech Systems is the leading provider of facility management software solutions for today’s media and broadcast companies. The company’s core values center on the prospects of innovation, integrity, and the very professionalism that has been central to its foundation as well as its incredible contributions to the broadcast industry. Xytech Systems offers an unparalleled proficiency to its customer base that ranges from a flexible, transparent, and evolutionary solution. Xytech Systems works to simplify the complex operations of broadcasters, network operators, and media facilities with the use of the resource management software, MediaPulse.


About MediaPulse



The MediaPulse software is the heart of operations for hundreds of the world’s leading broadcasters because it effectively integrates resource, order and asset management into a single solution. This unique software also sets the standard for successfully managing the continuous business realignments that define the current dynamic landscape.

The collaborative platform of MediaPulse enables easy interoperability with all systems in a user’s ecosystem, which essentially creates a seamless environment with Xytech’s planning, scheduling, and financial management tools. This works to reduce redundant data entry as well as the touchpoints of all workflows. MediaPulse increases visibility and optimization efficiencies across the range of activities comprised in today’s media enterprise. A great extension of this software can be found in MediaPulse’s Media Orchestrator.

The MediaPulse Media Orchestrator streamlines and automates content processing workflows and information flows across departments and vendors. It is propelled by intuitive workflow programming and built-in decision making while also providing comprehensive, natural language workflow scripting. This allows for the easy creation of comprehensive workflows that orchestrate other systems and their automation.

The MediaPulse Media Orchestrator has built-in decision making that evaluates complex conditions and can run a user’s facility automatically. The MediaPulse Media Orchestrator automates a user’s workflows in a way where operational events are created, transmitted to systems, and monitored for status. The combination of automated and manual tasks helps create a simple-to-operate and powerful platform for managing entire facilities with end-to-end processes. The workflows contain automated operations such as watch folders triggers, transcoding, QC and delivery, as well as manual operations that include captioning and ingest, which can be created and initiated with something as simple as a button click.


About 2020 NAB Show



The overall importance of the 2020 NAB Show cannot be summarized by simply labeling it the ultimate media event, which it is. However, it is important to understand that what makes the 2020 NAB Show the global media phenomena of the year is through the significance of the very creative collaboration it generates.

From around the globe, over 90,000 broadcast industry professionals specializing in the fields of content, technology, and entertainment will be attending the event. This gathering signifies the variety integrated into the foundation of the 2020 NAB Show, and it also represents the diverse approach to innovation it carries and builds on in an effort to continue to take the broadcast industry to new and exciting areas.

There is no endgame when it comes to the broadcast industry as the technology and solutions within its field only continue to develop as a means of not only attracting incredibly creative minds into playing their part. The much bigger play lies within the expansion of a digital ecosystem that will only continue to show much richer content, creativity, and entertainment as a whole when working with leading providers like Xytech Systems. The 2020 NAB Show will take place on April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Register now and make sure to visit the Xytech Systems exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SL3305.

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