Merapar adds to video ecosystem with new RDK licence

The move matches the organisations ambition for utilising professionally run open-source software platforms 

Merapar by alfa1, the innovator in cloud-native solutions, announces today that it has become an official RDK licensee, matching the organisation’s vision for utilising a professionally run open-source software platform for the connected home. 

RDK is a fully modular, portable and customisable open-source software solution that standardises core functions used in video, broadband and IoT devices. It brings a reduction in development cycles and encourages collaboration and innovation, with full control over data and apps. 

Among the extended benefits, providers can develop, innovate and differentiate at the application services layer thanks to RDKs modular plug-in architecture, bringing a consistent customer experience across all types of devices. Frequent releases and continuous improvements enable enhancements in product development velocity.

The RDK licence gives full transparency into its source code, providing the opportunity to freely add new features and quickly resolve any issues. Access to trained and certified RDK staff also enables a more successful transition to the platform for licensees.

Harry Koiter, Co-Founder & CMO, Merapar, an alfa1 partner, said: “Attainment of the RDK licence is a natural progression for Merapar, in alignment with our continuous development ethos. Our tier 1 customers already work with, or are considering RDK, and being a licensee will enable us to move quickly on backend developments and make contributions on behalf of our customers.” 


Merapar, an alfa1 partner

Merapar are experts in the delivery of truly cutting edge cloud solutions, on a global scale. Their team of cloud development experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in demanding industries with lots of data or content.  With a heritage in Broadcast and Media, they have been at the forefront of the transition to cloud-native solutions in an industry where scalability, reliability and security are crucial. Believing in a customer-centric software movement for the future, they are proud to be steering this in the following markets: media & entertainment, high tech, finance, e-commerce & logistics, and public sectors and utilities.

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