Mistika VR a tool of choice at Foren Project, a revolutionary neurological VR rehabilitation method

Foren Project is a revolutionary treatment that innovatively applies immersive technology to neurological rehabilitation. Their tool of choice for optical flow stitching is SGO’s virtual reality-focused solution, Mistika VR.

Charo Ortín, founder and CEO at Foren Project, explains that this groundbreaking method is based on mirror neurons that are triggered by imitation. “It is not necessary for the patient to perform a movement; observation and imitation of the exercise make the mirror neurons grow and this is their true power.”

Based on that principle, the team designed a novel treatment, using ‘real’, not virtual reality, explains Charo. “When the patient puts on the VR headset, we do not wish to transfer them to a virtual, fantasy world. What we wanted was for the patient to see himself in the environment where he actually is.”

Executing and successfully delivering Charo’s idea from the content generation point of view was quite complex and demanding, says Rafa Naveiro, VR creator in Foren Project. “At first we were going to shoot all the exercises at each clinic with two cameras with 8 mm fisheye lenses. This process turned out to be tedious and extremely time consuming, so we had to find a better solution.”

Looking for camera alternatives, the team came across the Insta360 Pro 2, recording in 8K stereo. “Suddenly we didn’t have to carry two cameras, we didn’t have to worry about calibration and it really sped up the whole onset process.”

Another challenge that the Foren team wanted to overcome was to avoid having to go to record all the exercises at each clinic separately. “Therefore we decided to first shoot all the exercises in a 360º chroma and then only record the empty rooms of each clinic. Once we had both parts, the idea was to simply merge everything together.”

In addition, Rafa and his colleagues also wanted to improve the overall post-production workflow. “The stitching program that we used at the beginning was very slow and the results were not optimal. This changed dramatically when we started to use Mistika VR, allowing us to do the whole process almost automatically and just in a few clicks. Improving the stereo alignment, almost automatic optical flow stitching with the integrated Pro 2 template and other tools incredibly facilitated the process throughout. Integrating Insta360 Pro 2 and Mistika VR into our workflow cut the time of the whole process in half,” shared Rafa.

“Apart from being pioneers in applying VR technology for neurological rehabilitation, the most important thing is the fact that this real-life VR stimulation really works. After having carried out several clinical trials and verifications, we have obtained very good results,” concludes Charo Ortín.

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