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MOG partners with LineUp at SET EXPO 2019



MOG Technologies, the worldwide supplier of end-to-end solutions for professional media, today announces a partnership with LineUp, one of the leading Systems Integrators in Brazilian Broadcast market.

LineUp has been present in the market for over 28 years. Their focus is on System Integration, Projects, Product Installation and Sales, and technical support for audio and video equipment.

Currently, LineUp is one of the leading integrators and provider of audio and video solutions for the Brazilian Digital Media market and will now feature MOG’s mxfSPEEDRAIL centralized ingest system as one of its integration solutions.

Central Ingest supports a wide range of formats, that improves the traditional workflows, giving them a new way of delivering media, like 4K/8K resolutions or Input/Output for Social Media.

mxfSPEEDRAIL is a powerful platforms, capable of recording in dozens of professional formats, transcoding them to the ideal format for distribution that will be played in all mobilde devices, computers and OTT platforms. A centralized solution menas that the user will execute all media operations – acquisition, transcoding and distribution – on a simple and intuitive platform, thereby reducing the downtime and costs of a traditional production infrastructure.

“The partnership with LineUp will strengthen MOG’s presence in the Broadcast market in Brazil,” says Jean Pierre Morais, MOG Sales Director

At SET EXPO 2019, MOG will be present at the LineUp booth where it will demonstrate how mxfSPEEDRAIL can be seamlessly integrated with the most popular technologies and formats on the market. MOG’s range of centralized ingestion tools are designed to improve broadcaste and production house production flows, reducing costs and avoiding errors and gaps with complete automated solutions. The solution makes ingest tasks faster and more efficient by improving the quality of content delivery.


“For LineUp, the partnership with MOG is an important milestone, as it is a company with a huge experience in environments that require flexible workflows for ingest and file conversion. This is very important as it allows MOG products to be tailored to the needs of the customer, and the market demands.” Says Eduardo Ferraz, LineUp Systems Engineer

Visit MOG at booth 112 to find the maximum level of flexibility for each production environment.




About MOG

MOG Technologies breathes innovation since day one. A brilliant team of media experts has developed world-class media libraries, state of the art broadcast systems, and a cloud-based interactive and multi-content platform that enables the strong engagement of any size communities. Communities that can now share, play, connect and transform all kind of content into truthful virtual experiences.

MOG technology offers the ultimate technology to connect communities, leading them to deeper engagement, greater knowledge, immersive environments, and expected behaviors.

About LineUp

LineUp is a engeenering company,  that has been operating in the Broadcast market for over 28 years and its main focus is on System Integration, Projects and Installation. It’s recognized by customers and manufacturers as one of the leading players in the market.

In their portfolio there’s projects for TV Broadcasters, Producers, Universities, Mobile units, Sports Events and Telcos. It had a important role in providing solutions and systems for increasing the efficiency and distribution of content and production.