Monetising the Australian Open with Dynamic Ad Insertion

7Tennis-Live-WebIn January 2017 Seven Network monetised matches from all 16 tennis courts of the Australian Open using Yospace’s Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) platform.  Now they’re releasing a case study looking at the business case that drove the project and the cutting edge technical innovations required to make it work.

The project marked a breakthrough in monetising major online event traffic in a way that is in line with the high standards of broadcast television.  Seven Network was able to open up a huge amount of inventory that could be sold at a premium rate as a result.

“Yospace deliver advertising in such a smooth way that the viewing experience matched our linear TV channels,” Jahn Erdogan, Ad Tech Specialist at Seven West Media.  “We over-delivered on our pre-tournament expectations and opened up 45% more inventory than planned.”Seven_West_Media Yospace

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