Mosart Medialab AS Products at the 2014 NAB Show

New Mosart(R) Newscast Automation 3.6
Mosart(R) Newscast Automation is a powerful tool that makes it easier for control room crews to focus on creating greater amounts of content at a higher quality. Mosart can control more than 55 different peripheral broadcast devices: vision and audio mixers, video servers, graphics systems, camera robots, routers, light desks, and other systems, often through native API.

Mosart’s technology is flexible and adaptable, and its template-based approach facilitates adjustments to workflow or equipment in the least disruptive way possible. Because the system is intimately integrated with all major newsroom computer systems (NRCS), the user can plan the full studio production in the NRCS, and the Mosart automation system will continuously synchronize its rundown. Through a unique context-sensitive template system for headline sequences, producers and directors can change the order of headlines at the last moment without worrying about the technical details of transitions and graphics. The Mosart automation system makes sure the headline sequence looks right, regardless of order.

With the release of Mosart Newscast Automation version 3.6, new at the 2014 NAB Show, Mosart has enhanced the industry’s most powerful newscast automation GUI to put even more flexibility at the director’s fingertips. The new “boxed stories” functionality, designed for an intuitive touchscreen interface, puts the focus back on the news story rather than on individual technical events. By making all stories and their elements in the rundown executable at the push of a button, this feature allows journalists to concentrate on telling those stories and lets directors focus on the flow of the news show as a whole.

In another updated feature, content and sources from any point of the rundown can be sent to studio walls, both directly and through preprogrammed salvos taken to air at a single click. These innovations in the Mosart product improve nonlinear news production by giving directors instant content access and further enhancing the Mosart automation system’s ability to perform in breaking news situations, during deviations from the NRCS rundown, and when directors are making on-the-fly decisions about which content and assets to use.

Mosart is also pleased to announce that it will premiere support for video playout from Viz Engines at the 2014 NAB Show. By playing video content straight from the Viz Engine, Mosart opens the door to a cost-effective setup that achieves more functionality with less hardware.

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Photo Caption: Mosart(R) Newscast Automation 3.6

Mosart(R) Cue Cards
Mosart(R) Cue Cards is a stand-alone tablet-based application that gives presenters live and direct access to vital information in the newsroom computer system (NRCS) rundown, allowing them to be updated on and make personal script notes for both the current and any future story. Requiring only a tablet device and an Internet connection, Cue Cards helps presenters in the studio and journalists working live on location to stay up to date on selected stories, thus eliminating the need to maintain direct access to the NRCS or to ask the producer for updates.

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Photo Caption: Mosart(R) Cue Cards App

Mosart(R) Multi-Studio Solution
Mosart(R) Multi-Studio Solution is a software package for larger broadcasters with multiple studios. Combining Mosart Media Router and Mosart Template Sharing, the package enables sharing of resources and coordination across several control rooms. New functionality added to the Mosart Media Router enables the sharing of video wall, lighting, and camera resources.

Company Quote:

“News organisations worldwide continue to choose Mosart automation to bring efficiency and flexibility to their operations. At the 2014 NAB show, we look forward to demonstrating Mosart Newscast Automation 3.6, with its exciting new boxed stories feature and support for video playout from Viz Engines. With a growing feature set and enhanced user interface, the new version of our acclaimed automation system is even better equipped to support optimisation of workflow and operations for all types of news and sports broadcasters.”
— John Kjellevold, Managing Director, Mosart Medialab

Company Overview

Mosart Medialab ( develops and markets the Mosart(R) automation system for news, sports, weather, and live broadcasting applications. As part of the cluster of technology spin-offs originating from TV 2 Norway, including Vizrt, StormGeo, Vimond, and Wolftech, Mosart Medialab was conceived in 2002 by professional news directors, producers, and editors. Mosart automation has been continuously developed since that time, meeting the highest demands of live production and becoming the only fully open system in its class. Mosart is used by major broadcasters for prime-time shows and 24/7 news and sport operations, and it has become Europe’s market leader in studio automation. ARD, BBC, CME, DR, Global TV, Al Jazeera, N24, NRK, SKY, SVT, TV2 Denmark, TV5Monde, and YLE are a few of its customers. Mosart Medialab today operates from Norway, the United States, and Australia.

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