Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Present the 65th Annual Golden Reel Awards


HOLLYWOOD—The Motion Picture Sound Editors tonight presented the 65th MPSE Golden Reel Awards at a black-tie ceremony at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. Golden Reel Awards recognizing outstanding achievement in sound editing were presented in 23 categories encompassing feature films, long-form and short-form television, animation, documentaries, games, special venue and other media. Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer Paul Ottosson presented the annual MPSE Filmmaker Award to Director Kathryn Bigelow. Supervising Sound Editor Alan Robert Murray presented the Career Achievement Award to Sound Designer and Field Recordist John P. Fasal.

The opening address was given by MPSE President Tom McCarthy. “All of us who work creatively in sound are storytellers,” he said. “We assist filmmakers, directors and producers in weaving soundtracks into visual presentations. We support the dialogue and emotion of stories.

“Tonight, we renew our yearly tradition of celebrating the art of sound in all areas of multi-media entertainment. We recognize the contributions of sound artists to features; television, cable and streaming programing; gaming; and multi-media—content that has reached audiences in every country, state and community around the world.”

Presenters included Supervising Sound Editor Gwendolyn Whittle, Supervising Sound Editor Kami Asgar, Blizzard Entertainment Supervisor of Cinematic Sound Paul Menichini, Warner Bros. Sound Director/Feature Films Darlene Gorzela, Production Mixer and Cinema Audio Society President Mark Ulano, Sony Pictures Television Senior Vice President of Post Production & Visual Effects Cynthia Stegner, Supervising Sound Editor Glenn Morgan, Supervising Sound Editor Mandell Winter, AVID Technologies Pro Audio Solution Specialist Ozzie Sutherland, Supervising Sound Editor Christopher B. Reeves, Picture Editor and American Cinema Editors President Stephen Rivkin, Stage Actress, Playwright and Voice Over Artist Dina Morrone, Foley Artist John Roesch and Supervising Sound Editor and MPSE Vice President Bernard Weiser. Trophy presenters included Kathleen Baker, Rachel Di Paola and Devon Slack.


65th Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Golden Reel Awards


Kathryn Bigelow


John P. Fasal


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Animation Short Form


Blizzard Entertainment

“Honor and Glory”

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Menichini, MPSE

Audio Lead: Caroline Hernandez, MPSE

Sound Designers: Alexander Ephraim, Harry Cohen, MPSE, David Farmer,

Geoff Garnett, Kris Giampa, Paul Lackey, JP Walton

Sound Effects Editor: Keith Bilderbeck, Chris DeLaPena

Dialogue Editors: Issac Hammons, Cody Flick

Foley Editor: Gary Coppola, MPSE

Foley Artist: Gregg Barbanell, MPSE

Music Editor / Composer: Neal Acree

Scoring Editor: John Kurlander


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Student Film (Verna Fields Award)


National Film and Television School

Sound Designer: Thomas Blazukas


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Special Venue

Carne Y Arena

Legendary Entertainment

Supervising Sound Editors: Randy Thom, MPSE, Martín Hernández, MPSE, Leff Lefferts

Technical Audio Designers: Bill Rudolph, Kevin Bolen, Damian Kastbauer

Sound Effects Editor: Leff Lefferts

Dialogue Editor: Gwendolyn Yates Whittle, MPSE

Audio Artists: Doc Kane, Geoff Vaughan, Dusty Jermier

Audio Director: Steve Morris

ADR Editor: Brian Chumney

Foley Editors: Luke Dunn Gielmuda, Malcolm Fife

Foley Artists: Sean England, Shelley Roden, MPSE, John Roesch, MPSE, Geoff Vaughan


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Computer Interactive Game Play (Tie)

Call of Duty: WWII


Audio Director: David Swenson

Audio Leads: Michael Caisley, Don Veca

Sound Designers: Ryan McSweeney, Eric Wedemeyer, Matthew Grimm, Caleb Epps, Eddie Pacheco,

Andrew Lackey, MPSE, Mark Kilborn, Darren Blondin, Andy Bayless, Vadim Nuniyants, Jeremiah Sypult, Brian Johnson, Bob Love

Supervising Dialogue Editors: Emilio Lopez-Centellas, Fernando Labarthe

Lead Dialogue Editors: Adam Boyd, MPSE, David Natale

Dialogue Editors: Joseph Lyford, Jesse Garcia, MPSE, Duncan Brown, Dutch Hill, Micah Loken, MPSE, Dan P. Francis

Audio Artists: Sheridan Willard, Nicholas D’Amato

Supervising Music Editors: Anthony Caruso, Jonathan Mayer

Music Editors: Sam Marshall, Ted Kocher


Star Wars: Battlefront II

Electronic Arts

Audio Directors: Ben Minto, Olivier Asselin, Jeff Seamster

Audio Leads: David Jegutidse, Nathaniel Daw

Sound Designers: Terry Fairfield, Tony Prescesky, Gustav Rathsman


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Computer Cinematic

Halo Wars 2

Microsoft Studios

Supervising Sound Editors: Charles Deenen, MPSE, Csaba Wagner

Sound Designers: Samuel Justice, Tim Walston

Audio Director: Paul Lipson

Sound Effects Editors: Harry Cohen, MPSE, Hayden Collow, Justin Davey

Foley Editors: Braden Parkes, Rustam Gimadiyev


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Feature

In Search of Fellini

AMBI Distribution

Supervising Sound Editors: David Barber, MPSE, Ben Zarai

Dialogue Editor: David Barber, MPSE

ADR Editor: Michael Kreple

Sound Designer: Ben Zarai

Foley Artists: Gonzalo “Bino” Espinoza, David Kitchens, MPSE

Foley Editor: Michael Lanoue

Music Editor: Jennifer Nash


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Documentary 

Becoming Bond

Supervising Sound Editors: Trip Brock, MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Raymond Park, MPSE, Zheng Jia, MPSE, K. Joshua Fernberg

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Bruce Stubblefield

Foley Editors: Alexander Jongbloed, Alex Johnson

Foley Artist: Lorita de la Cerna


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Animation Long Form

Lego DC Super Hero Girls

“Brain Drain”

Warner Brothers

Supervising Sound Editor: Devon Bowman

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Mark A. Keatts

Sound Designer: Rob McIntyre

Sound Effects Editors: Lawrence Reyes, Evan Dockter, Marc Schmidt, Joel Waters, D.J. Lynch

Foley Editors: Matthew Saiz, Aran Tanchum

Dialogue Editors: David M. Cowan, Kelly Foley Downs, Patrick Foley, Michael Garcia, MPSE

Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti

Music Editor: Bijan Olia

ADR Editor: George Peters


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Single Presentation


Amazon Studios

Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole, MPSE

Sound Designer: Andy Kennedy

Sound Effects Editor: Saoirse Christopherson

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Stefan Henrix

Foley Editor: Philip Clements

Foley Artist: Anna Wright, Catherine Thomas


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Long Form – Effects / Foley (Tie)




Supervising Sound Editors: Wylie Stateman, MPSE, Eric Hoehn

Sound Effects Editors: Harry Cohen, MPSE, Hector Gika, MPSE, Sylvain Lasseur, Leo Marcil, Jackie Zhou



“The Toll”


Supervising Sound Editors: Nick Forshager, Stephen Grubbs

Sound Effects Editor: Matt Temple

Foley Editors: Jeff Cranford, Daniel Raphael

Foley Artists: Tim Chilton, Jerry Trent, Jill Sanders, Ginger Geary


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Long Form – Dialogue/ADR

Black Mirror

“USS Callister”


Supervising Sound Editor: Kenny Clark

Dialogue Editors: Michael Maroussas, Matt Skelding


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Long Form – Music / Musical

The Get Down

“Only from Exile Can We Come Home”


Supervising Music Editor: Jamieson Shaw

Music Editors: Jordan Ross, Dave Robertson


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Short Form – Effects / Foley

Game of Thrones

“The Spoils of War”


Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel, MPSE

Sound Designer: Paula Fairfield, MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Bradley Katona, MPSE

Foley Editors: Brett Voss, MPSE, John Matter

Foley Artists: Jeff Wilhoit, MPSE, Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Short Form – Dialogue/ADR

Game of Thrones

“The Spoils of War”


Supervising Sound Editor: Tim Kimmel, MPSE

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Paul Bercovitch

Supervising ADR Editor: Tim Hands, MPSE


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Short Form – Music / Musical

Stranger Things

“Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer”


Music Editor: David Klotz


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Live Action Under 30:00




Supervising Sound Editor: Christopher Reeves, MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Gabrielle Reeves

Sound Effects Editor: David Mann

Music Editors: Jason Tregoe Newman, Bryant Furhmann

Foley Artists: Joseph Sabella, Jesi Ruppel

Foley Editor: Gary Marullo


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Effects / Foley

Blade Runner 2049

Warner Brothers

Supervising Sound Editor: Mark Mangini, MPSE

Sound Designer: Theo Green

Sound Effects Editors: Chris Aud, MPSE, Lee Gilmore, MPSE, Greg ten Bosch, MPSE,

Charlie Campagna, MPSE, Dave Whitehead, Eliot Connors, MPSE

Foley Editor: Ezra Dweck

Foley Artists: Goro Koyama, Andy Malcolm


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Dialogue / ADR

War for the Planet of the Apes

20th Century Fox

Supervising Sound Editors: Douglas Murray, MPSE, Will Files

Supervising Dialogue Editor: R.J. Kizer

Vocal Editors: Kim Foscato, P.K. Hooker, Doug Jackson, Lindsay Alvarez

ADR Editors: Laura Graham, Jim Brookshire


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Musical

The Greatest Showman

20th Century Fox

Supervising Music Editor: Jen Monnar

Music Editors: Jim Harrison, Jeff Carson, Peter Myles, Sheri Ozeki, Ted Caplan


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Music Score


Warner Brothers

Supervising Music Editor: Alex Gibson

Music Editor: Ryan Rubin


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Foreign Language Feature


Sony Pictures Classics

Supervising Sound Editor: Andrey Dergachev

Dialogue Editor: Alexey Kuznetsov

Sound Effects Editors: Alexey Kobzar, Sofia Matrosova

Foley Editors: Elena Starikova, Ruslan Khuseyn, Dmitriy Zuev

Foley Artist: Natalia Zueva


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Documentary


National Geographic

Supervising Sound Editors: Warren Shaw, Joshua Paul Johnson

Sound Designers: Peter Staubli, MPSE, Odin Benitez, MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Will Digby

Foley Artist: Tara Blume

Music Editor: Suzana Peric


Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Animation



Supervising Sound Editors: J.R. Grubbs, Chris Boyes

Dialogue Editors: Marshall Winn, Michael Silvers

Sound Effects Editors: Michael Silvers, Justin Doyle, Jack Whittaker, Teresa Eckton,

Foley Editors: Jim Likowski, Dee Selby

Foley Artists: Jana Vance, Dennie Thorpe, Geoff Vaughan

Supervising Music Editor: Stephen Davis, MPSE

Music Editor: Warren Brown, MPSE, Barney Jones


About MPSE

Founded in 1953, the Motion Picture Sound Editors is a non-profit organization of professional sound and music editors who work in the motion pictures, television and gaming industry. The organization’s mission is to provide a wealth of knowledge from award winning professionals to a diverse group of individuals, youth and career professionals alike; mentoring and educating the community about the artistic merit and technical advancements in sound and music editing; providing scholarships for the continuing advancement of professional sound education; and helping to enhance the personal and professional lives of the men and women who practice this unique craft.



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