Freefly: Showcases the MōVI M5 Stabilization System at #NABShow Wrap Up

Freefly showcased the impressive and newly designed MōVI M5 as a high caliber stabilization system at NAB 2014. The team at Freefly is offering an incredible stabilization system that allows for that high budget camera shot that is normally associated with such elegant systems presently on the market today! The attention to detail to the in-house engineered gimbal is 100% custom. Freefly made zero compromises in the MōVI M5 design , as well as, the accommodation for off-the-shelf brushless motors, motor drives or IMUs. The MōVI M5 features a fully enclosed camera cage for maximum rigidity and shot stability, provides an improved adjustable camera plate, has a fully protected wiring assembly, the unit has simplified it’s fully tool-less balancing, provides for an inverted mode for more comfortable eye level camera angle, and has a quick release top handle to allow for rapid adjustment!

“The introduction of the MōVI M5 to the cinematography industry brings with it the technological innovations of the MōVI M10, but at a price point appealing to productions of all scales,” says Tabb Firchau, President of Freefly Systems. The MōVI M5 has a list price of $4,995.

The MōVI M5 weighs in at 4.75lb / 2.15kg. The camera cage dimensions are 130mm (Length) x 180mm (Width) x 120mm (Height), and it’s maximum payload is 5lb / 2.27kg with compatible camera / lens combinations (which makes with unit perfect for DSLR film-making)! Additional features to the MōVI M5 are: *(From Freefly):

* Majestic Mode (Pan/Tilt)- Patent pending Majestic Mode allows for a single operator to intuitively control the pointing of the gimbal by moving the handles without compromising the stabilization of the image.  The gimbal takes the operator’s movements and intelligently converts them into stabilized pan and tilt movements.  This allows for very low profile single operator setup and accurate framing in tight situations.  Live Wireless Tuning & Graphing- A next generation stabilized gimbal deserves a fast, intuitive and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface).  The MōVI features a real-time bluetooth connection to the gimbal, which outputs all pertinent performance data and allows for live adjustment of any of the gimbal parameters. Remote Firmware UpdatableThe MōVI stabilized camera system is firmware updatable.  When Freefly adds a new feature on Friday night, you can be shooting with it on Saturday morning.  As the system is used in varying cinema applications, Freefly is constantly inventing new solutions for the rigors operators face in using the system to execute demanding shots. Silent Drive- Capturing on-camera audio is no problem with the MōVI, as the system is virtually silent.  Because the entire motor / drive system was designed in-house, we were able to reduce the noise frequency signature of the gimbal to a virtually inaudible level. Custom Direct Drive Motors – High torque and lightweight are two attributes that don’t usually go together.  When we started to design the MōVI system, we knew that no off-the-shelf motor could deliver the performance needed, while keeping the weight low enough to allow the system to be mobile, portable and agile. Drawing on years of brushless motor design experience, Freefly was able to create a remarkably lightweight motor that still has enough torque to handle larger camera packages. User Adjustable Shakey Cam- In some instances, camera movement / shake is a desirable aesthetic choice.  The difficult part is quantifying the amount and type of ‘shake’ to effectively convey the emotion of the scene.  The MōVI overcomes this limitation by allowing the user to define variable noise filters that mimic the user’s movements.  Being able to control the level of ‘noise’ is highly useful, as it can be difficult for a human operator to accurately maintain a consistent level of camera movement, especially while keeping a compelling frame.  With the patent pending MōVI noise filter, the camera operator can focus on framing and the MōVI takes care of the rest consistently and repeatably. 

The MōVI M5 is compatible and supports the following camera technologies: Blackmagic Cinema Camera (4K) [with specific lens combos] and Blackmagic pocket camera; Canon 5D MK III, Canon 7D, and Canon Rebel T5l;   Nikon D800; Sony Alpha 99; Panasonic GH4. The total purchased MōVI M5 package includes: The MōVI M5, Batteries, Battery Charger, and MōVI Stand. Note: **The radio controller for Dual Operator Mode is available as an optional accessory. New orders ship in 4-6 weeks.

 About Freefly: Freefly is focused on the future. Over a decade of experience in the professional cinematography industry has given Freefly a unique ability to develop and bring innovative products to market that serve the needs of cinema and aerial professionals. Freefly is passionate about pushing the envelope technologically in order to provide our customers with the tools to capture amazing footage. Visit for more innovative products from Freefly!

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