MPC LA, Johnny Green and Deutsch LA Introduce New HTC Campaign Featuring Gary Oldman

(Los Angeles, California–April 4, 2014) MPC LA teamed up with RESET Director Johnny Green and Deutsch LA to unleash an all-new ad campaign for HTC. In a rare commercial appearance by acclaimed British actor Gary Oldman, the campaign brings an unconventional and clever twist to this latest commercial execution to unveil the HTC One M8 smartphone. Instead of focusing on the device’s innovative features, the campaign goes against the grain with a direct and understated approach that challenges viewers to “ask the Internet” if they wish to learn more about the HTC One, which is ultimately “designed for people who form their own opinions.”

Enhancing the story, MPC developed subtle yet impactful visual effects to craft the perfect atmosphere without overwhelming Oldman’s witty performance and provide a welcome change to the bright, cheerful ads from rivals.

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