MRMC Releases Entry-Level Bolt Mini Model Mover

May 28, 2021

The latest high-speed robotic arm from Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon-owned company with over 50 years of expertise in motion control robotics for the film & entertainment industry, is a new entry-level machine allowing companies to enter the world of high-end motion control at previously unreachable price points.

Big on creativity, low on price, the Bolt Mini Model Mover is an extremely versatile, lightweight, 6-axis high-speed arm designed for payloads up to 8kg that starts at only £49k ($68k).

The robotic arm can be used as a standalone system or synchronized with a camera shooting bot and enables full manipulation of products with repeat pass precision, timing, and triggering capabilities. It comes with three mounting plates, including a chuck mount and cheese plate, giving users a wide range of capture possibilities, as well as a gripper option. The 42kg unit is designed to be set up quickly, can be mounted to a table or set on the floor, and comes transport-ready in a compact flight case.

In tandem with MRMC’s industry-leading motion control software, Flair, it allows users to shoot classic liquid pours, stirs, whirls, and splashes, or mount utensils like forks, spoons, or even sports accessories such as shoes or rackets to get the most dynamic high-end shots.

“The Bolt Mini Model Mover might be the smallest arm we do, but we have taken no shortcuts with it. It features the same Academy-Award-winning engineering excellence as the rest of our Bolt family,” comments Assaff Rawner, Managing Director, MRMC. “By bringing the entry-level price of high-end, high-speed robotics down to a sub £50k price point, we hope to introduce a whole new sector of the industry to the enormous creative potential of motion control.”

Find out more about the Bolt Mini Model Mover here:



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