MTG brands with Pixel Power

Pixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast graphics and workflow solutions, has supplied 20 LogoVision automated graphics and channel branding systems including a number of 3D devices to Modern Times Group (MTG). This is part of MTG’s programme to move to a new, highly automated playout centre in London.

MTG broadcasts to the Nordic region. Its head office is in Sweden, with playout centres in London and in Riga, which now have identical automated broadcasting facilities. The London centre is responsible for delivering 10 free-to-air and 10 pay channels, each localised by country and by advertising regions.

Branding was a core part of the requirements for the new centre and although MTG had considerable experience of using Pixel Power hardware in its other playout centres, it was subject to the same strict re-evaluation as all suppliers selected to provide equipment for the new state of the art playout facility.

LogoVision 3D was chosen for the sophisticated channel branding with dual channel LogoVisions being added to provide both SD and HD simulcast logos from a single device. The devices work under frame accurate control from the Pebble Beach Marina automation system which allows MTG to plan dynamic, complex branding for maximum audience retention.

“When we decided to move to a new base in London, we knew this was our opportunity to take a fresh look at exactly how we wanted to present our channels,” said Rachel Bernard, vice-president of broadcast operations for MTG. “We knew we had to choose best of breed products to give us flexibility, but above all quality. There are other graphics systems on the market, but Pixel Power was the only one to meet our requirements. We have worked with the company for many years now and we are perfectly comfortable with Pixel Power branding today.”

For Pixel Power, James Gilbert, CEO, said “With so many channels competing for the audience’s attention, broadcasters need to be able to deliver rich branding consistently. They also need to be able to do it cost-effectively inside an automated, file-based environment. The LogoVision family is designed for just this application, and we are delighted that we can continue our partnership with MTG at their new London home.”

The new MTG facility in London has been on air since April 2015 and was designed with staff comfort and productivity in mind, including fun break areas as well as the latest in asset management and playout technology.

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