multiCAM Systems Introduces Dynamic Social Media Moderation to Visual Radio Experience

In addition to showcasing its artificial intelligence and automated graphics capabilities, multiCAM Systems will demonstrate how tightening the Visual Radio and social media connection can engage and build online audiences

Montreuil, France — April 11, 2017multiCAM Systems, an integrated video production specialist serving the broadcast and professional AV markets, has enhanced its fully automated Visual Radio solution, MULTICAM RADIO, in advance of the 2017 NAB Show, where representatives will demonstrate key new features and benefits across its own booth (N8513) and two partner booths (RCS at N2519; Wheatstone at N6531).


MULTICAM RADIO approach offers a convergence of reliable server and switching hardware, and feature-rich software that brings together artificial intelligence, speaker detection, automated graphics, and live streaming and podcasting capabilities. As a single unified solution, MULTICAM RADIO brings dynamic visuals to life with ease for the broadcaster seeking new ways to engage and build digital audiences.

At NAB, multiCAM Systems will demonstrate new features to simplify social media moderation. Instead of a continuous feed of all posts, operators now have full power of what tweets and Facebook comments to show. Operators can immediately filter and move approved content into the display queue, and quickly overlay graphic scenes to further enhance the mood.

Stan Walbert, CEO of multiCAM Systems, points to better social media integration as an important pain point to solve in quickly evolving Visual Radio landscape – from both an operational and experiential perspective.

“Visual Radio is all about engaging the audience is a broader way,” said Walbert. “Terrestrial radio remains a strong medium worldwide, and as broadcasters build onto their traditional audiences with strong online and mobile programming, social media is without a doubt a significant part of the visual element. Our new toolset makes it easier for broadcasters to moderate and deliver an engaging social media platform, while audience interaction is amplified through the ability to share video content and provide input across the social network. This is all important to spreading interesting and engaging information, and reaching a larger audience.”

multiCAM Systems’ approach provides clean integration to audio consoles and automation systems for automated filming, mixing and playout; with options for fully automated, semi-automated and manual operation. At the Wheatstone booth, multiCAM Systems will demonstrate how its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities automatically select shots from PTZ cameras, detect speakers (host/guests) and manage audio levels, and deliver titling information for speakers. The AI function is paused when in semi-automated mode, allowing operators to manipulate video coverage through camera and microphone control. Additionally, the system’s special STUDIO Add-On feature enables full manual control of all video filming and mixing.

At the RCS booth, multiCAM Systems will focus on the graphics automation power of its Visual Radio solution. This includes the easy and visual setup process of scenes that correspond with information received from the radio broadcast, including tracks, jingles, RSS feeds and social media content. MULTICAM RADIO’s rich metadata management capabilities populate all dynamic visuals and text playing out of the automation system.

“Our solution decrypts every piece of metadata, with automatic and direct matching to each specific field,” said Walbert. “This means that the broadcast is populated with all relevant information associated with artist and song data, album cover and musical genre among other information. It’s a highly important element of the Visual Radio experience, and one that can turn off audiences if not properly addressed.”

multiCAM System will also demonstrate its live and on-demand streaming capabilities. This includes how its Visual Radio content can be recorded for later podcasting initiatives, and be automated within the broadcaster’s overall production workflow.

The 2017 NAB Show takes place April 24-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

About multiCAM Systems:

Founded in 2010, multiCAM Systems designs easy-to-use live video production systems, which featured advanced video switching capabilities and PTZ camera technologies for applications such as recording, live streaming and podcasting. Focusing on the broadcast and e-learning markets, multiCAM Systems, a dynamic and innovative company, offers a wide range of products. These include MULTICAM TRACKING, an entirely automated video recording tool particularly suited for e-learning and conferencing purposes; MULTICAM STUDIO, an all-in-one system for live video production; and MULTICAM RADIO, an automated visual radio studio that allows broadcasters to air programs live 24/7. (

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