MultiDyne(R) 2015 NAB SHOW EXHIBITOR PREVIEW — Booth C7920

As part of its continuing efforts to “Harness The Power of Light” at the 2015 NAB Show, MultiDyne(R) will demonstrate the latest innovations in fiber-optic-based video and audio transport solutions for professional A/V and broadcast applications. A key highlight at the event will be new functionality and enhancements for the SilverBack(TM) family of camera-mounted fiber transport solutions to support all types of HD, Ultra HD, and 4K productions.

MultiDyne Press Luncheon (Invite Only)

MultiDyne is inviting members of the press to join a luncheon and news conference on Monday, April 13, at 12:00 p.m. in room N242 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. At the press conference, the company plans to share exciting news about new product innovations. An invitation with RSVP details will be available shortly.

Key Product and Technology Demos

NEW!! SilverBack 4K5(TM) Fiber-Optic System for 4K Quad-Link 3G Camcorders
At the 2015 NAB Show, MultiDyne(R) will showcase an expanded line of SilverBack 4K(TM) camera-mounted fiber transport solutions, which now support any existing 4K camera. The new SilverBack 4K5(TM) enables users to broaden the range of their existing 4K cameras by converting any quad-link 4K camcorder to a 4K live fully systemized camera, connected to a base station with a single fiber cable.

The SilverBack 4K5 provides a full-bandwidth fiber-optic link between any quad- or dual-link 4K camera and the truck, control room, or “video village” position. By putting all of the signals needed for multicamera 4K/UHD TV production onto a single tactical or SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, the system ensures robust, trouble-free connectivity, whether used in the studio or at a remote location.

NEW!! Mini eXchange Series Compact Converters
At the 2015 NAB Show, MultiDyne(R) will introduce a new line of highly affordable, compact, and portable signal conversion modules called the Mini eXchange Series. The Mini eXchange Series compact converters feature a small, flat-form factor that facilitates easy installation behind a monitor, in the back of a rack, or directly on a camera rig. Each module is dedicated to a specific application, with the first models supporting HD-SDI-to-HDMI and HDMI-to-SDI conversion. Other format converters will be available in the future.

All Mini eXchange Series compact converters are covered by MultiDyne‘s renowned 7-year warranty and a “no questions asked” replacement policy. In addition, they come standard with a universal power supply that includes international plug connections for global use and can run off battery power, if required.

SilverBack 4K(TM) Camera-Mounted Fiber Transport for 4K Productions
The MultiDyne(R) SilverBack 4K(TM) is a powerful family of camera-mounted fiber transport solutions that supports the creation and distribution of 4K/UHD digital television content. Utilizing SilverBack 4K, users can seamlessly transmit any camera signal — including Ultra HD video, HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, GPIOs, tally, and power — over a single hybrid copper and fiber cable.

The SilverBack(TM) family now includes five models: the new SilverBack 4K5(TM), the flagship SilverBack-II(TM); the SilverBack-II-L for multicamera production; the SilverBack-II 4K-L, a feature-rich model that includes Ethernet support and a video option for viewfinder or monitor viewing in the field, enabling any 4K camera to be used as part of a multicamera Ultra HD shoot; and the SilverBack II-4K, a low-cost model without the viewfinder/monitor viewing option, designed to support traditional film-style productions. Ultra HD support can be added to any existing SilverBack system through a simple upgrade, enabling customers to deliver a state-of-the-art 4K television experience cost-effectively.

SilverBack-II(TM) With JUICE Camera-Mounted Fiber Transport Solution
The MultiDyne(R) SilverBack-II with JUICE is a cost-effective, camera-mounted fiber transport solution capable of transmitting any camera signal, including HD-SDI video, audio, control data, GPIOs, tally, and power over a single hybrid fiber and copper cable without relying on local power or batteries. Featuring an elegant, compact case measuring just over one inch thick, the SilverBack-II with JUICE eliminates operator fatigue in the field by providing users with a lightweight, remote powering system that can be seamlessly integrated onto any camera.

Ideally suited for news, sports, ENG, D-SNG, OB, and multicamera studio applications, the SilverBack-II with JUICE can transport SDI video up to 3G HD-SDI uncompressed with embedded or separate program audio. A return video option also supports up to 3G HD-SDI video for viewfinder or monitor viewing in the field. In addition, the unit enables operators to achieve camera control/RCP paint functions through one of the three available data channels. An additional back channel is available for camera sync or genlock.

4K-4000 Fiber-Optic Transport System
Also on display at the 2015 NAB Show will be the MultiDyne(R) 4K-4000 fiber-optic transport system. Designed to address the tremendous data requirements involved with delivering 4K/UHD digital television, the 4K-4000 enables users to transport a 4K signal over one single-mode fiber. The cost-effective unit is portable or rack-mountable, offering users a high degree of flexibility. There is also a card version for the openGear(R) platform with SNMP management and redundant power.

BullDog(TM) Field Fiber Transport System
The MultiDyne(R) BullDog(TM) is a rugged field-based fiber transport system that packs a wide range of functionality into a compact package. In addition to demonstrating the standard compact version at the 2015 NAB Show, MultiDyne will highlight two larger-sized units that pack even more functionality into a rugged and compact form factor.

Using the BullDog, camera operators can significantly extend the transmission distance of multiple camera signals, including HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, Ethernet, GPIOs, tally, and power. In addition to transporting any camera signal over a single fiber cable, the BullDog can efficiently transport up to eight HD-SDI signals in any direction.

Company Overview:

For more than 30 years, MultiDyne(R) has been a leading provider of innovative video and fiber-optic-based transport systems for the broadcast, cable, satellite, production, digital cinema, pro A/V, and a variety of other markets that produce and distribute video. MultiDyne‘s fiber-optic transport systems for video, SDI, 3G HD, DVB/ASI, VGA, DVI, HDMI, audio, AES, Ethernet, data, CATV, as well as the company’s other broadcast accessories are used worldwide by such industry leaders as ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, RAI, BBC, and the U.S. Department of Transportation. MultiDyne provides a seven-year warranty on its core product line. For more information, call MultiDyne at 1-877-MULTIDYNE or 1-516-671-7278, visit the company’s website at, or send an email to

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