My Reel Club™ Launches Specifically for Audiophiles

Studio for audiophiles

18 May 2022 –Budapest, Hungary –   A new club catering for the exceptional acoustic demands of the Audiophile has been launched in Hungary, with the expectation it will attract a worldwide membership. Audiophiles are motivated by the creation and experience of meticulous sound quality of music from both its creation, without the need for additional digital processing, and the high-end hifi devices that are utilized to consume the acoustic experience by the listener.

The My Reel Club™ has been created by Koscso Media Engineering to allow Audiophiles the unique experience of being involved in the creation of live music in its original format within a studio environment. The master recording that they create will be made available for members to distribute and use within their own music systems, to fulfil their passion of listening to music in is full acoustic glory at the highest available quality.

Ferenc Koscso, the Managing Director at Koscso Media Engineering explains “As a company we specialize in high-end acoustic, audio and sound systems for a variety of broadcast and studio customers, and we have also been supplying the needs of Audiophiles for a long time. But recording excellence is open to interpretation and discussion, so we wanted to create a club where Audiophiles can meet and collaborate within a studio environment. With the highest quality recording equipment available, members can enjoy the experience of music creation while networking with similar people with a passion for recording and playing back true audio.”

My Reel Club™ works with studios allowing members to book studio time, select musicians and even create cover art for their finished product. The musicians are recorded under the direction of the members with help from the studio producers, playing live together as if in a concert type environment, with the microphones and recording designed to capture a true authentic recording. There will be no additional post production processing that is typically used in the recording industry today, arguably to the detriment of the music quality. The audio processes used as part of the recording will utilize the highest quality stereo A/D conversion at the highest available bit rates, and highest quality R2R tape recording to give true, original, raw and authentic recordings.

Koscso continues “My Reel Club offers more than just a place for members to create music excellence. The music industry has evolved to streaming where certain music portals do not effectively reward the musicians. The members can join together to invest in creating music albums specifically for the audiophile market. The My Reel Club™ is not for profit and so we are able to fund talented musicians and with the original members investing in the recording project or album, then any profits generated by selling, for example through music portals, will mean all involved parties will receive a share of the success.”

A case study on a previous outing from My Reel Club™ can be found on Medium.Com that involves the recording of Juhász Gábor Trio featuring the great jazz artists Julia Karosi and Tony Lakatos.

Ferenc Koscsó will be attending the High End Audio Show in Munich from 19 to 22 May 2022. Any interested parties can contact him by email at [email protected] or more information is available on the My Reel Club™ website.

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