NAB 2016: FUJIFILM’S New UA13x4.5 Wide Angle Ultra HD Lens Brings Full Optical Quality to 2/3-inch 4K Cameras

Perfect for ENG and Mobile Production Shoots, New 4K Zoom Combines Precision Optics, HDR, and Impressive Linearity

Wayne, N.J. –
At the upcoming NAB Show, the Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM North America will introduce the FUJINON UA13x4.5 wide angle Ultra HD (UHD) lens. Part of the company’s flagship UA Series of 4K+ 2/3” lenses, the world’s first designed specifically for UHD broadcast applications, the UA13x delivers true 4K optical quality to 2/3-inch 4K ENG cameras and camcorders. The wide angle UA13x4.5 wide angle can be seen along with the complete FUJINON Premier 4K+ product family at Booth C7125 during the NAB Show, running from April 16-21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“The UA13’s superb wide angle capabilities are a result of our latest optical simulation software, which was used to model the UA13’s large diameter aspherical elements,” said Thom Calabro, director of UA 13×4.5 LensMarketing and Product Development for the Optical Division of UA 13x4.5 LensFUJIFILM. “Meanwhile, the UA13’s multi-group zoom system suppresses image distortion and ensures that 4K UHD images captured by the lens remain consistent and accurate from center to corner, no matter how tight or wide the shot is.”

High resolution, high contrast, and high dynamic range are hallmarks of the Premier 4K+ UA Series. The UA13’s aspherical elements have been treated with the latest High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC). Using HT-EBC in tandem with FUJIFILM’s exclusive Aspheric Technology, the UA13 is able to reduce ghosting and lens flares, while increasing the amount of light transmitted through the lens to the camera’s sensors.

The UA13’s latest generation Servo Drive Unit has been built to support a wide range of remotely-controlled zoom, focus, and iris functions. It relies on 16-bit encoders to provide accurate two-way communications between the UA13 servo and the remote operator, using either RS-232 serial data or traditional analog communications. These features allow the UA13 to be remotely-controlled for human- and robotically-controlled shooting, jib shots, tower cams, and videoconferencing; among other applications.

“These capabilities combine to deliver clear, vibrant and optically accurate 4K images,” Calabro said. “The UA13 is a fully-featured 4K UHD lens that addresses the needs of high-end shooters. It is the lens the industry needs today to start shooting 4K UHD now.”

A video of Calabro explaining the features of the UA13 and other FUJINON lenses being introduced at the NAB convention next week can be seen here:

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