NAB 2016 Latest – isovideo to Demonstrate Visually-Optimized HDR to SDR Tone-Mapping and HEVC on Noise Reduced HDR Content

isovideo_logo_web_page2  At NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, isovideo will demonstrate its latest new GPU-accelerated, visually-optimized proprietary HDR to SDR tone mapping. This is an important new feature to our Game-Changer Award winning Viarte clusters, which can seamlessly digitally convert/remaster/encode a wide variety of media content, including SD to UHD, interlaced/progressive, HFR, HDR/WCG, PQ (SMPTE ST 2084) and HLG, etc. More details on Viarte cluster conversion can be found at press_0322_NAB.

Viarte latest motion-compensated (MC) HDR/SDR noise reduction has made another substantial advancement since last year. For example on HDR test material, at 50dB PSNR, the bit-rate reduction is over 80%, dropping to 65% at 45dB on average. isovideo’s latest published paper on “HEVC Results from MC Noise Reduction of HDR Content” can be found here.

The new advanced Viarte HDR to SDR tone mapping allows HDR production to leverage current video distribution infrastructure for a genuinely improved (HDR-like) viewing impact on any existing SDR display device, from TVs to cell phone, including current Cinema projection systems.

Benefits and Applications of Viarte HDR to SDR Tone Mapping:

  • Maintains local sharpness and contrast, with no saturation in bright areas, and therefore no loss of HDR detail. The HDR experience of looking out of a window from within a dark room can now look natural in SDR.
  • Fast CUDA implementation of HDR to SDR tone mapping from graded PQ40 (PQ encoded at 4000 nits) to PQ10, HLG or rec709, together with color conversion as necessary.
  • On-the-fly automatic HDR to SDR tone mapping allows HDR live event broadcast and OTT streaming applications.
  • OTT and cable service providers can now offer flexibility in HDR delivery options, depending on the target display capabilities, such as current Gamma SDR displays, the newer HDR10 capable TVs, or the ultimate HDR Dolby Vision displays.
  • New HDR productions can immediately reach widespread SDR audiences for an HDR-like viewing experience, and with minimal additional capital expenditure for distribution, while content is future-proof and ready for the newer generations of HDR displays to take hold.

Viarte NAB Promotions:

Visit isovideo in the South Hall, Booth SU14608 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 18-21, 2016 to see a variety of demonstrations. Reserve a slot for your own live content conversion or HDR to SDR tone mapping. isovideo will also be offering limited NAB promotions through April 30, for all of their Viarte services. Please contact isovideo for more details.

For more information about isovideo, please visit isovideo, and follow us on Twitter and Youtube.


isovideo is an innovative start-up company in the digital media technology and entertainment industry. We specialize in file/stream-based, GPU accelerated, server cluster development and services for superior quality HDR/HFR/WCG processing. Our latest award-winning Viarte offers vivid HDR to SDR tone-mapping, contrast-enhanced SD-to-HD or HD to UHD digital remastering, motion-compensated HDR/SDR noise reduction, standards conversion, FRC/retiming, accurate Gamma/PQ/HLG conversion, and highest quality HEVC encoding.

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