2014 NAB Show & Tedial: Find it, Enrich it, Publish it and Manage it.

As those of you who follow my articles know, I say that Media Asset Management is not only an important function at a studio, but it is more than that – it is a critical process that is one of the “Big Threes” of content (Creation, Delivery, and Management).  Usually, once it is created and delivered, the manage task is sometimes done poorly or not at all.  Many files are created and then unceremoniously dumped into the archive, never to be seen again.

BallThis has happened more often than you’d think – a completely un-organized editor decides to label clip files without any thinking involved.  For example, I’ve seen a video file labeled, “” I’ve even seen a “more”  SERIOUSLY?  Come on, guys!  That is totally unprofessional; absolute attention to detail should be paid. Many projects that studios manage can have assets into the millions of dollars. Those assets are the lifeblood of a studio because the dollars they ultimately bring are cashed-in by production time.  The studio has paid for them to be produced, and they’d like to get more than one use out of them, if possible!

Comprised of both content (or “essence” – the actual clip) and metadata (a description of the content, which includes theTedial 2014 Ad image title, author, creation date, description and other things, such as the standards used, like the format or bit rate), the handling of an original clip can be a formidable task.  Taking an original from the server, sharing it among a few workstations (capable of altering the original) creates a new number of assets (as many as was shared) to be tracked; the more artists with their hands on the clip, the more assets to catalog.  With a system, the undertaking is horrendous; think of accountability if there were no system.

Many assets are in different formats, making their management even trickier.  Luckily, there are many companies and technologies that exist today to handle these problems.  One of my favorites is Tedial.

Tedial LogoFounded by a renowned PhD Professor of Physics and focusing on open standards and commodity-based IT infrastructure, Tedial is a Spanish company specializing in distributed Media Asset Management (MAM) and integrated business process workflow software systems.

With a reputation for high quality, reliable installations and solid round the clock/calendar support, Tedial has supplied systems to broadcast companies, hospitals and internet media companies around the world and Network originators such as Televisa (the world’s largest broadcaster).

Nowhere is MAM more important than in a newsroom.  News organizations experience reuse of digital assets, as well as tedial_031312consumers.  Although archiving assets, many in different formats with their varying metadata, is a Herculean chore, it is made easy by today’s equipment and know-how.  Much raw footage is shot for news stories and ends-up unused – the final cut being shown and then forgotten.  The unused footage becomes fodder for future use by the newsroom or others, for varying purposes.  For example, how many times have you seen a graphic flash by the news anchor’s head with the disclaimer “file footage” usually off to the side or in a corner?  These are the assets that must be kept track of and stored properly, in the event they are needed when no new asset is available.  Today, modern MAM includes its handling from its raw stages to its many incarnations, and even to its finished form(s).

Tedial Modules“At this year’s NAB Show, we are inviting US broadcast station groups and network operators to ‘Discover Tedial‘ and see for themselves how our powerful software solutions will help take their operations to the next level,” says Jay Batista, General Manager of US Operations for Tedial. (LISTEN TO A RECENT PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH JAY, HERE!) “We’ll be showing Tedial‘s new search tools, latest Adobe integration and featuring Tedial‘s advantages for multisite working and content packaging workflows for any distribution platform.”

What I like about the Tedial system is that their solutions are independent modules designed to work seamlessly together.  Mostly, however, I like how Tedial has developed ancillary systems to facilitate incorporation and they are experts at integration – they take the products that other vendors offer and provide their customers with the best possible application employing their current technologies.  This approach allows for customer cost-savings; literally, a company can have its cake and eat it, too!  Utilizing legacy equipment but being able to benefit from new technology and devices that streamline workflows with the latest software is the perfect combination for today’s global economy.

Tedial Wheel

There are over 70 Tedial engineers based in the Malaga headquarters, working exclusively on media management solutions.  They are committed to developing technology with practical applications, stemming from academic-driven R&D.  Because of this, you get the best academicians creating, testing, altering, and testing again, etc. for the most useful solution.  It is this straightforward rationality from real-life experiences of working with limited budgets and under high pressure in order toimagen016 speed-up production output, reduce costs, simplify processes and avoid risks.

One of the most fascinating things is Tedial‘s formula.  They have determined that customer problems are often complex but the solution is simple: Find it, Enrich it, Publish it and Manage it.  It is this philosophy upon which they operate.  Find the asset, catalogue, enrich the asset by editing the content; publish the asset – transcode/deliver; and finally manage the asset for quick retrieval and third-party use.

AST; Tarsys; MPM & Ficus – You will be able to see live demonstrations of Tedial‘s solutions at their booth at NAB Show 2014 (#N5711).

About Tedial

Tedial BldgTedial provides software based content and content management business solutions that maximize operational efficiency and profitability to broadcast and other media organizations. Tedial has over ten years’ experience and has grown to over 80 people; our proven track record enables broadcasters to take full advantage of file-based workflows, cloud computing and other technologies with minimum risk and maximum benefits. Tedial‘s solutions are vendor and hardware independent, releasing customers from proprietary constraints and enabling them to significantly increase productivity and return on investment. Tedial is a global company with over 50 high-profile reference sites around the world, including some of the most complex and largest MAM systems in the broadcast industry.

Tedial‘s unique media management solutions have helped over 50 broadcasters and media companies worldwide to increase creativity and improve efficiency throughout their media workflows. For more information, please visit

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