Sean von Tagen, President, Pro Cyc, Inc. shares NAB Show tips with Career Navigator Pamela Kleibrink Thompson and Broadcast Beat



Sean von Tagen, President, Pro Cyc, Inc. shares tips for the NAB Show with Pamela Kleibrink Thompson and Broadcast Beat. He is located in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is headquartered in Clackamas, Oregon, just outside of Portland.

What advice do you have for someone who has never been to NAB before?

 Expect it to be huge, diverse, full of companies and technologies that may be unfamiliar, and to allow at least 2 full days to fully explore the exhibit halls. If you are interested specifically in one or more companies, make sure to use the site maps to locate their booths rather than just hoping to run into them. The vastness of the Las Vegas Convention Center can be daunting.

 What is the most significant trend in your industry this year?

 The most significant trend in our specific industry of green screens and virtual sets (also referred to as “chroma key” technology) is the continued progress of technology that is enabling more and more people and companies to explore the endless opportunities that are available with virtual sets. It is now possible, even on a relatively limited budget, for schools, companies of all sizes, and even individuals to use green screens and virtual sets to give the illusion that they are in a much bigger set or studio.

 Why do you attend the NAB Show?

 We go to NAB every year (I think this is our 24th time at NAB) to meet many of our clients face to face, demonstrate our newest products, and to talk with and get to know many potential customers. It is important to us for people to be able to meet and talk with us and establish a rapport with our customer base that goes beyond email or phone calls. We also enjoy meeting and visiting with people in complementary businesses with whom we work fairly closely over the course of a year. It is the one time of year that we are all guaranteed to be in the same place!

 What have you learned at the NAB Show that has helped you?

 I’ve personally learned that this is an ever-changing, organic industry made up of real people with real ideas and needs, and that if we want to remain successful, it is important to understand the types of people and companies that we are striving to serve. Each year is a refresher in that capacity.

 What are you looking for at NAB Show this year?

 As always, I look forward most to meeting people from all over the world face to face and talking about their specific ideas, needs and wants in their businesses. It never ceases to amaze me, the diversity of people and ideas within the video and broadcasting community.

 Where is the best place to meet people at NAB?

 In the exhibit halls and at the booths of companies in whose technologies you are most interested. There you will find people with common interests and goals, and if you stick around for a little bit and ask a few questions, you are guaranteed to learn some things.

 What is the don’t miss event, session or gathering or aspect of NAB for you ?

 The don’t miss part of NAB is meeting and talking with people from all over. As I am generally at the Pro Cyc booth 99% of the time, I don’t get a chance to attend many events or special sessions, so I can’t speak to that.

 What do you like most about the NAB Show?

 I like meeting people and gathering information about the state of our industry, new technologies that are developing, and getting a sense of the major trends in our industry. NAB brings everyone together at one place and time and makes this possible in a very unique way that isn’t duplicated anywhere else.

 What else would you want readers of Broadcast Beat to know about you or your company?

 Pro Cyc is the world leading provider of modular seamless and coved backgrounds which are being used in studios large and small all over the world. We are providing more and more green screen studios than ever before and I am excited to see what the future holds for our industry. So please come visit us at NAB! We’re in booth #SL2425 right next to RED Digital Cameras in the South Lower Hall.

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