#NABShow 2017: Manufacturer Spotlight: Radiant Images Impresses!

The world of virtual reality production was certainly represented at this years #NABShow 2017. Radiant Images “brought to the table” the latest VR and 360 video solutions that were showcased at several booths on the convention floor, namely the AXA 360 and the Sense 9 modular camera system! These incredible looking pieces of hard working engineering vision and absolutely awesome functionality proves that Radiant Images are the true pioneer in this area of expertise!

The breakthroughs of the Sense 9 and the AXA systems are that they are designed for cinematic cameras to create VR/AR/360 content using motion picture industry that professionals are accustomed to utilizing.  The near perfect spherical 360 capture is certainly the best in the market, influenced by nature and laws of physics and geometry the design engineers at Radiant Images are by far creative geniuses!

“Both the Sense 9 and the AXA were created out of our desire and persistence in finding solutions that remove barriers and limitations for filmmakers,” said Radiant Co-founder Michael Mansouri. “Radiant couldn’t be more excited about both these new camera systems, which will further stretch the creative possibilities for 360 content creation. We look forward to sharing these new tools at NAB.”

The AXA 360 Camera System comes in three different sizes, and accommodates a nice variety of camera models from the ARRI Alexa Mini and RED, to the more compact Sony UMC-s3C and the Blackmagic Mirco, and down to a GoPro! The AXA 360 comes complete with features such as: real-time live preview stitch, power distribution, time-code synchronization and gen-lock sync, and comes complete with integrated power solutions, video monitoring and sync capabilities. Also you can choose from three different materials  of design: aluminum, carbon fiber or magnesium.

The AXA 360 POV 360 system is based on the AXA 360 design. This unit is  lightweight and has a rigid carbon fiber build, integrated heads-up display, shoulder supported with a lightweight carbon fiber neck brace and inertial measurement unit for stabilization. The AXA systems were designed by Kurt Weijan Lin, a Design Engineer at Radiant Images.

The Sense 9 is another modular 360 camera system built with the movie maker in mind, this awesome unit offers the best in class in both adaptability and precision for dynamic cinematic 360 image capture! The hemispheric design will accommodate larger cameras, such as the Canon C300 Mark II (ideal for low-light/high-resolution capture), Alexa Mini, Phantom Flex, RED WEAPON and others. The Sense 9 features all the tools that a traditional cinematographer would use, including time-code, live stitch, system integrated power, video monitoring and sync.

More Radiant Images Info:

Mobius 2.0 updates Radiant’s groundbreaking Mobius POV virtual reality head-mounted system, which was the first to place the viewer into the body of a character for a stunning new perspective. This slimmer design features a new carbon fiber, lightweight design, integrated power system, heads-up display and modular system that allows the use of a variety of cameras.

OZO Live is a real-time broadcast solution that delivers live 360-degree experiences utilizing the powerful Nokia OZO, enabling content creators to easily record and broadcast VR footage on the spot, In each of the booths, technicians will be on hand to answer questions and provide demonstrations of the capture devices.

Radiant also has a wide range of VR 360 cameras, systems and support equipment available for sale at

About Radiant Images

Radiant Images is an award-winning digital cinema innovator and rental house providing creative solutions in 2D, 3D, VR and augmented reality, leading-edge cameras and equipment, and unrivaled client support, to the motion picture industry worldwide. Radiant has a dedicated VR wing inside its facility at 2702 Media Center Drive in northeast Los Angeles. For more information about Radiant Images, visit online at Find Radiant Images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



About NAB Show:

NAB Show, held April 22 – 27, 2017 in Las Vegas, is the world’s largest convention encompassing The M.E.T. Effect, the convergence of media, entertainment and technology. With 103,000 attendees from 166 countries and 1,700+ exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is where global visionaries convene to bring content to life in new and exciting ways.


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