#NABShow: Day Three at 2016 NAB Show

DAY THREE and the last big full day of the 2016 NAB Show!!!  It’s GREAT to have you back – there’s SO MUCH MORE today!!!  Our Live Blog continues to post the information and many of the “stops” of our various crews out on the floor!  Don’t forget – you can catch #NABShow LIVE online at  or  9am PST / 12pm EST; and if you’re hungry, Ryan’s top places to eat in #Vegas during the show can be found here:  –  Afterward, our #NABShow After-Hours events & party list is here:

…so, look out, World, here we come!!!

Dave Walton of jvcprofessional

John J. Humphrey with Hitachi

Senior Sony marketing manager Joseph Balsam & RAID

Jaimi interviewing Jeff Wood, VP & GM Global Head of Workstations and Thin Clients, at HP

Dave Walton of JVC Professional (L), John J. Humphrey of Hitachi (CL), Senior Sony Marketing Manager Joseph Balsam (CR) and Jeff Wood, VP & GM Global Head of Workstations and Thin Clients, at HP (R)

I know this may look like just a box of cool twisty wires but after Don Shaver, Director of Video Marketing at Semtech filled us in, we learned it actually does more than look really cool – turns out, it’s3G SDI core Infrastructure a 3G SDI core Infrastructure! This, just after announcing at The Show, that their 12G UHD-SDI products have set a new industry cable-reach performance benchmark utilizing a new coaxial cable optimized for UHDTV applications from Canare, a leading industry supplier of UHDTV cabling solutions! “The rapid industry adoption of UHDTV is placing greater demands on the performance of UHD-SDI infrastructures,” said Don Shaver, Director of Video Marketing for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Product Group. “Semtech and Canare share a common commitment to pushing the limits of UHDTV technology. Our range of 12G UHD-SDI interface products feature the industry’s most robust cable reach performance and excellent cross-talk and noise immunity, further augmented by Canare’s L-5.5CUHD cable. We are very pleased to see Canare addressing the critical requirements of broadcasters as they deploy their next generation UHD-SDI infrastructures.”  For more information, go to:

Joanna Dorfman from AmpLive, interviewed by our very own Larry BeckerJoanna Dorfman from AmpLive is interviewed by our very own Larry Becker – who learned that AmpLive is all about audience-building. First, have a live event; then, Plug in your channel ID; next, tell them for whom your content is being made in other words, your target audience, based on demographics, geography, context or behavior (i.e., the millennial mom who is looking for organic baby products); and then AmpLive does the rest! They have an amazing system, which is why it’s being featured in Sprockit! Check them out!  To start building your audience, go to:

Chatting with Eric Openshaw about Orca… According to their website, “Orca is Pebble Beach Systems’ software-defined virtualized IP channel Pebble Beach Systems - Eric Openshawsolution. Ideally suited to meet the needs of centralcast hubs, service providers, multi-channel operators, sports broadcasters and corporates, Orca enables you to deploy IP-based channels almost instantly, without the burden of racks of complicated hardware, and weeks or months of setup and provisioning, and with no need to compromise your production values.” Discover what Orca can do for you at:

Daniel at Supermeet & T-ShirtsI hope you were at SuperMeet last night and scored a free Broadcast Beat T-Shirt!  Daniel had a great time meeting everyone and giving them away!  The Broadcast Beat booth was crowded ALL NIGHT LONG!!! It was great to see old friends and I loved making the new ones!


What would the control rooms of the world look like without LED buttons andWell Buying Industries LED switches switches?  They wouldn’t look even a percentage as impressive as they do with them!  And Well Buying Industries aims to keep them looking great!  The company was founded in Taipei in 1989, and is specialized in manufacturing Push Button Switches, Detect Switches, Tact Switches, Micro Switches, and Rotary Switches – literally any type of switch you can imagine!  The wonderful thing about Well Buying Industries is that they wish to research what other companies will not manufacture and develop the products that are full of challenges. They truly care about their product!  To see their entire product line, go to:

Seeking-out the newest of the new and innovative companies that might otherwise have to burn time Sprockit CEO Harry M. Glazerand resources just to get attention, SPROCKIT brings their cutting-edge ideas and tech into the premier media industry trade show, the NAB, helping free-up these companies’ resources to focus on what they do best – innovate and create.  SPROCKIT showcases up to 30 market-ready companies at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.  At the event, the different startups are given a five-minute slot to showcase their company and product.  After the show, there is a potential investor Q & A session.  SPROCKIT gives the stage to each of its client startups in turn, allowing presentation and demonstration of its ideas and wares in both a public setting and a stage show.  SPROCKIT also facilitates private meetings with these small companies and investors and/or industry leaders that usually proves to be mutually beneficial.  The SPROCKIT program is an innovation to help the innovators.For more, go to:

Ryan and Oscar de la HoyaSo I’m talking to Oscar De La Hoya… I was never able to start conversations like that before now – since I’ve now spoken with him!  According to what he said in my interview, he and FilmOn TV Networks have created two new boxing channels: The Ring and the Golden Boy Channel.  Both channels will be available on FilmOn’s streaming TV service by the end of January and will be available for free. The Golden Boy Channel will air De La Hoya’s classic fights and The Ring will stream the monthly boxing series LA Fight Club as well as other programming. “Past, present or future, Golden Boy Promotions has, is and always will be about pitting the best against the best,” said De La Hoya, chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. “This new partnership with FilmOn will only further showcase our mission by offering fans the best fights from today and yesterday.” Eventually, 2,000 hours of De La Hoya fights will be available to see. Check them out at: and

Who says the Broadcast Beat crews are all about work? Here, we see: Eric playing around with the equipment at the Wheatstone booth (L); Checking out some of the #VR toys in the Silver Drafts booth (C); and Kate pretending she’s an on air personality with the all new radio automation software, DAD, at the @Encosys booth (R).

Eric playing around with the equipment at the Wheatstone booth

Checking out some of the VR toys in the Silver Drafts booth

Kate & radio automation software, DAD at Encosys

Janet West speaks with Jay Batista, General Manager of North American Operations at Tedial.

Janet West with Jay Batista, General Mgr., North American Operations of TedialMarking 15 years of global technology leadership, Tedial is introducing the world’s first true media factory workflow and the industry’s fastest and most flexible business process management workflow engine.  “NAB is the perfect environment to commemorate our milestone anniversary, amidst customers and colleagues,” says Jay. “Since 2001, Tedial has pioneered technologically advanced MAM and IT solutions, and this year is no exception. We’ve cracked the code to bring Version Factory and Evolution BPM to broadcasters and media companies at the largest media and entertainment conference and trade show in the world.” For more on these truly innovative products, as well as the entire Tedial line, go to:

NAB Show’s “War on the Floor” competition was interesting! The semi-finalists competingWar on the Floor represented: Clemson University, Elon University and Fort Hays State University.  Teams were tasked to tell the content lifecycle story – from content creation to consumption as well as to create a 1 minute video on the sponsor.  Shorter videos were used in social media during the show and a longer price to be judged by a panel of educators after the Show has concluded.   All winning team members and their faculty advisor will receive a complimentary SMART Pass registration to the 2017 NAB Show (valued at $1,499).   Good luck to ALL!

Ryan - That's all

The very last FULL day here at the 2016 NAB Show! (Tomorrow will be like a half-day, as the Show closes at 2pm)  I hope you enjoyed our production as much as we did! Remember to stay blogged-in and tune-in tomorrow for more of Broadcast Beat’s 2016 NAB Show coverage!  Have a Great night and thanks, again, for watching!

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